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Youth Livestock Program OfflineEventAttendanceMode South Stokes Senior High School, 1100 S Stokes High Dr, Walnut Cove, NC 27052, USA South Stokes Senior High School, 1100 S Stokes High Dr, Walnut Cove, NC 27052, USA NC State Extension 2 days away

*Please try to send calves to validation sites with as few people as possible, preferably one per farm

*Please wait at your vehicle until instructed, please maintain social distance guidelines when out of vehicle

*Complete online nomination prior to going to a validation site preferably no less than 48hrs. ahead of time:

*Calves that have not been nominated may not be validated. There will be no steer packets this year to print off and bring to tag-in.                                     

All information will be on the nomination website linked above.

*Calves will be processed in order of arrival, so please be patient

Completing a nomination form does not enter your animal into the State Fair. Online entry begins August 1. Entries close September 15.    


     Performance Market Steer

This year all steers will be weighed when validated for the State Fair. The Performance Market Steer and Carcass Steer shows will again be combined, and again will be an optional show.  The weight at validation will be the start weight for the Performance Steer Contest.  There will be an online Performance Steer Record that each exhibitor wishing to participate must fill out and submit online prior to the State Fair Market steer check-in.  Final weight will be added the record after check-in. Only those steers participating in the Performance Steer Contest will be carcass ultra-sounded during check-in.  The Performance Steer Record may be accessed at []

Apr 24 Sat