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Recent Publications related to Forest Resources

Photo of mourning dove

Mourning Dove

This publication describes the habitat, food, cover, water habits and home range of the mourning …

2 days agoWorking With Wildlife


This publication describes the habitat, cover, food, water habits and home range of various songbird …

2 days agoWorking With Wildlife
Illustration of parts of a compass.

Using a Compass and Pacing

A compass and pacing can be useful in many different woodlot activities. A compass can …

7 days agoWoodland Owner Notes

Economic Contribution of the Forest Sector in North Carolina, 2017

This publication discusses contributions the forest sector makes to the North Carolina economy.

1 week ago
Photo of barn owl.


Owls play an important role in the balance of forest and open land environments. This …

2 weeks agoWorking With Wildlife

What’s a Timber Sale Contract? What Landowners Need to Know

This Eastern Forestry Note discusses specific contract provisions that should be addressed in a timber …

2 weeks agoEastern Forestry Notes
Figure 1. Sighting through a prism at the midpoint of a forest h

How to Rapidly Inventory Scattered and Piled Forest Harvest Residue

Forest harvest residue (FHR) is an important environmental component, but how do you measure it? …

3 weeks ago
North Carolina county map divided into east and west regions

Historic North Carolina Delivered Timber Prices, 1988-2018

Historic price data for delivered timber, prices paid upon delivery to the mill, from 1988-2018 …

3 weeks ago