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Photo of Michael Waldvogel, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Michael WaldvogelExtension Specialist (Household & Structural Entomology) (919) 515-8881 mike_waldvogel@ncsu.eduEntomology and Plant Pathology - NC State University
impounded water near parking lot

"Raining" in Mosquitoes

Recent heavy rains and flooding across many areas of the state will create many breeding areas for mosquitoes. While …

Kudzu Bugs on fascia board of house

Cool Weather - Uncool Pests

Colder temperatures are often accompanied by a surge in what we call “occasional invaders” and that “occasion” is now. We …

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The recent announcements of the first locally-transmitted cases of Zika virus on the mainland U.S. (in south Florida) has …