Occupational Changes

Sometimes, looking back is a good way to know where we might be headed in the future. NC State University economist Mike Walden examines how the occupational makeup of the labor force has changed in the past century, and what that might mean for the century ahead. “[In the last 100  years, the workforce has […]

You Decide: What’s behind the declining labor force?

Among all the economic data coming from various media outlets, one has received increased attention in recent years. In fact, NC State University economist Mike Walden says it's the most discussed economic statistic of the past couple of years. It's called the labor force participation rate.

Monarch butterfly on a flower.
Expanding support for pollinators

A lot of people want to know what they can do to help bees – and a new initiative at NC State University is aimed at helping to meet that demand.

Shannon Coleman painting with 4-H'ers in Cherokee County.
‘Hometown hero’: Shannon Coleman

Shannon Coleman, North Carolina Cooperative Extension’s 4-H agent in Cherokee County, was recently honored as a “Hometown Hero.”

Martha Mobley
‘Secret agent’ Martha Mobley recognized in national magazine

Modern Farmer magazine calls her a ‘secret agent.’ But for the agricultural community in Franklin County, Martha Mobley’s work is no secret. She’s a go-to resource for expertise ranging from horses and forestry to livestock and local foods.