Crowd at the Turfgrass Field Day, listening to Fred Yelverton
Turf field day set for Aug. 12

NC State University’s Turfgrass Field Day is an annual opportunity for members of the public and the green industry to learn turf-related tips and tricks that are rooted in research. This year's event takes place Wednesday, Aug. 12.

Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.
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Opening a business is no guarantee it will be a success. Statistics show 44 percent of new businesses shut down within three years. Mike Walden shares some good tips for keeping a business alive.

You Decide: Is North Carolina’s Rebound Stumbling?

Mike Walden explains how and why forces well beyond North Carolina’s control can have an impact – either positive or negative – on the state economy.

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When faced with economic calamity, how willing are we to think about changing what we do in order to stay employed? Mike Walden analyzes why the best laid contingency plans need not go awry.

Group shot of participants
4-H’ers focus on civic engagement

For North Carolina’s state 4-H president Oshė Pittman, 4-H Citizenship North Carolina Focus has become an important stop on his journey toward becoming a judge. “I’ve always had a big voice, but this event has helped me further develop my leadership skills and helped me gain skills as a follower as well,” Pittman explained, “because it’s important to be a team player if you want to get things done.” And getting things done was what the three-day event was all about.