Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.
You Decide: Are There Timeless Rules for Investing?

Economist Mike Walden presents six principles that he believes represent a logical approach to investing.

Boys at an interactive Dig It! display.
For the dirt on soils, check out “Dig It!”

Soil: It’s much more than dirt. It’s a dynamic resource that supports nearly every form of life on Earth, and an exhibit at a Raleigh museum is aimed at raising the public’s awareness of its value and complexity. CALS scientists have been heavily involved.

You Decide: How Will the Job Market Change?

We will have to be agile with our future educational and training systems. Mike Walden explains why.

Covington endowment signing
Industry advances sweet potato research and extension

NC State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ research and extension work on sweet potatoes got a big boost April 15, as leaders in the sweet potato industry and associated endeavors gathered to celebrate reaching their $1.3 million goal for the Henry M. Covington Endowment.

You Decide: Why have some states recovered faster?

The economy has been improving during the last five years, but it hasn’t been improving at the same pace for all states. Mike Walden analyzes the reasons.