Current Extension Job Vacancies inside North Carolina

Last updated Tuesday, Sep 1 2015.

Position Title County University Posted Status
Area Specialized Agent, Commercial Fruits & Vegetables Ag-Consumer Horticulture NCSU9/1/15Open
Temporary 4-H Genesis Program Assistant 4-H GatesNCSU9/1/15Open
Temporary After School Program Assistant 4-H NCSU9/1/15Open
Area Agent, Horticulture Ag-Consumer Horticulture BeaufortNCSU8/27/15Open
Extension Program Assistant, Adult EFNEP GuilfordNCSU8/26/15Open
Extension Agent, 4-H 4-H RichmondNCSU8/20/15Open
Extension Agent, Ag Ag-Horticulture DurhamNCSU8/20/15Open
Extension Agent, Ag Ag-Horticulture GuilfordNCSU8/20/15Open
Extension Agent, Livestock Ag-Livestock DuplinNCSU8/18/15Open
Extension Agent, Livestock Ag-Livestock StanlyNCSU8/17/15Open
Extension Agricultural Technician Ag-Consumer Horticulture CurrituckNCSU8/12/15Open
Extension Agent, Local Foods Ag-Agribusiness CatawbaNCSU8/12/15Open
Extension Agent Ag-Horticulture ForsythNCSU8/7/15Open
Area Agent Ag-Agronomy LincolnNCSU8/6/15Open
Extension Agent, Ag Ag-Agronomy HertfordNCSU7/31/15Open
Extension Agent, Livestock and Field Crops Ag-Agronomy OrangeNCSU7/28/15Open
Extension Agent, Ag Ag-Agronomy ChowanNCSU7/23/15Open
Extension Agent, 4-H 4-H ClevelandNCSU7/14/15Open
County Extension Director Administration PamlicoNCSU7/1/15Open
County Extension Director Administration CamdenNCSU6/29/15Open
Area Specialized Agent - Multiple Counties NE Region Ag-Agronomy NCSU6/17/15Open
Area Specialized Extension Agent - Various Positions in NE and SE counties Ag-Forestry NCSU6/17/15Open
COSS County Administrative Assistant Administration EBCINCSU6/12/15Open
Extension Agent, Ag Ag-Agronomy CumberlandNCSU6/10/15Open
Extension Agent, Ag Ag-Inclusive EBCINCSU6/8/15Open
Extension Assistant Ag-Agronomy WakeNCSU6/3/15Open
Ag Agent Ag-Agribusiness MadisonNC A&T2/9/15Open
County Extension Director Administration PasquotankNCSU12/3/14Open
Small Ruminant Site Manager Ag-Livestock RockinghamNC A&T1/13/14Open

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About NC Extension Jobs

North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University are dedicated to equality of opportunity within its community. Accordingly, North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University commit themselves to positive action to secure equal opportunity regardless of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, veteran status, or disability. In addition, the two Universities welcome all persons without regard to sexual orientation.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension offers career opportunities as Extension educators in four basic areas. You are encouraged to apply only for positions for which you are both academically and otherwise qualified. All Extension Agent positions require: a Bachelor's degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 overall or a 3.0 in the major field of study (based on a 4.0 scale), or completion of a Master's degree; a personal automobile and valid driver's license; computer literacy; strong oral and written communication skills; the ability to plan, implement, market, and evaluate educational programs; willingness to work as a team member and support a total Extension program; and the ability to handle multiple demands and set priorities. For all Extension Agent positions, a Master's degree is preferred.

Successful candidates for Agent positions will receive one-year fixed term appointments for program responsibilities; and successful candidates for County Extension Director positions will receive one-year fixed term appointments for program responsibilities and "at-will" appointments for administrative responsibilities. The term appointments are subject to renewal in accordance with North Carolina State University policy.