Vernon G. James
Research & Ext. Center

Animal Science
Performance of Calves Fed Heat-Damaged Cottonseed. R.E. Lichtenwalner.
Overseeding Matua Bromegrass into Bermudagrass. R.E. Lichtenwalner.
Crop Science
Assessing and Handling Hurricane Damaged Corn Heiniger, R.W. and J. Dunphy
Flood or Moisture Damage to Corn. R.W. Heiniger
Management of Insect Pests in North Carolina Grain Crops J.W. Van Duyn
Management of Southern Corn Billbug in Field Corn. J.W. Van Duyn
Corn Rootworm Management in North Carolina Field Corn J.W. Van Duyn
Corn Insect Management with Transgenic Bt Corn in North Carolina J.W. Van Duyn
Soybean Insect Management J.W. Van Duyn
Manging the Cereal Leaf Beetle in Small Grains and Corn J.W. Van Duyn, S. Bambara, and R. Ihrig
Hessian Fly J.W. Van Duyn, S. Bambara, and R. Brandenburg
Scouting Small Grains in North Carolina M. Linker, J.W. Van Duyn and others.
2005 Small Grain Production Guide R. Weisz, J.W. Van Duyn, R.W. Heiniger and others.
Scouting Corn in North Carolina M. Linker, J.W. Van Duyn, J. Anderson, Jr. and W.M. Lewis


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