Miscellaneous Foliage and Pod Feeding Insects

John Van Duyn, North Carolina State University, Entomology Extension Specialist

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Miscellaneous foliage and pod feeding insects: Several kinds of insects may be found in soybean fields eating foliage or pods. Japanese beetle, green cloverworm, blister beetles, bean leaf beetle adults, woolybear (salt marsh) caterpillars, yellow striped armyworm and others may occasionally become pests when acting in concert. They are almost never a problem individually. An exception may be with bean leaf beetle in soybean fields destined for seed production. In late season this beetle will skin the pods, thus affecting seed quality by providing an path of entry for seed infecting pathogens. Also, green cloverworm can occasionally become very numerous. Perhaps, the cloverworm is more important because growers confuse it with soybean looper and other caterpillars. Green cloverworm is easily identified because it is the only caterpillar pest of soybean that has three pair of legs on the mid-abdomen.

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