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Our Vision

We are an international model for excellence in non-formal community based education. We are a dynamic and futuristic organization responding to changes in the social, political, economic and technological environments. We engage the land-grant universities with local government and the people. Our educational programs address the contemporary needs and issues most important to our customers and their communities. Our faculty, staff and volunteers are committed to lifelong learning, individual and community empowerment and inclusiveness.

We achieve our vision by:

  • Providing relevant, responsive, accessible and inclusive programs that result in positive changes in the lives of our customers,
  • Using advanced information technology for educational program delivery, communications, and accessing research-based information,
  • Creating a quality work environment that is people-friendly and customer-focused, and
  • Demonstrating a deep commitment to personal leadership development and empowering a multicultural society.

Our educational programs focus upon:

  • Enhancing agricultural, forest and food systems,
  • Strengthening and sustaining families,
  • Developing responsible youth,
  • Building quality communities, and
  • Conserving and improving the environment and natural resources.
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