Google Apps @ NC State

Google Apps at NC State
As a NC State University employee you have access to specific Google Apps for Education. If you are familiar with Google Apps you will notice that we do not have access to all the consumer applications as someone that has a private Google account. NC State has worked with our legal staff and retention officers to make sure the apps that you have access to with your NC State University Google Account follow all rules and regulations for NC State University Employees and Students to use.

Core Apps vs. Consumer Apps

Core Apps

Core Apps are those apps covered by NC State’s existing Google Apps @ NC State terms of service and this agreement specifically covers the following applications: Gmail, Calendar, Drive (Docs), Groups, Sites, and Talk (Chat).

Consumer Apps

On November 12, 2012, NC State University enabled some Consumer Apps for our campus. These Consumer Apps are governed by a contract between you and Google. See a list of the consumer apps currently available as part of Google Apps @ NC State.

Important Notes about Consumer Apps

Enabling Consumer Apps requires you to agree to a Consumer Apps Terms of Service agreement (TOS) the first time you log in to your Google Apps @ NC State account after the Consumer Apps are enabled, regardless of whether or not you are going to use any of the Consumer Apps.
You must agree to this one-time agreement in order to continue to access any part of your Google Apps @ NC State account, including Gmail. Also, Google requires that all users of the Google+ Consumer App be at least 13 years old, so carefully enter your birthday when prompted for it using that app for the first time. Failure to provide a birth date that indicates you are at least 13 years old will lock you out of your entire Google account, including Gmail and Calendar. The value of enabling Consumer Apps is that you can then use your NC State credentials when you need to use any consumer apps for work- or school-related purposes.

By clicking on the name of each app, you will be directed to the NCSU OIT website for that particular application. These websites will give you examples of how professors and students can use these applications in class settings.

Core Apps
GMail – Fast email, with less spam. Web accessible, as well as mobile friendly
Google Calendar – Organize your schedule, share and invite individuals to events.
Google Drive – Create, share and keep all your stuff in one place.
Google Groups @ NC State – Create mailing lists and discussion groups.
Google Sites – Create websites and secure group wikis.
Google Hangouts – Conversations that come to life.

Consumer Apps
Chrome Web Store – Access to apps created for android and Chrome browsers.
Google Alerts – Monitor the web for content that you want to know about.
Google Analytics – Know your web audience and analyze website traffic. (Analytics for your county website can be found by logging into the back end of the.)
Google Blogger – Share your life online with a blog.
Google Books – Search full text of books.
Google Chrome Sync – Sync your mail, contacts, calendar and more through various devices.
Google Consumer Groups  – A group is an online environment where group members can discuss items related to a specific subject. A group can contain multiple topics.
Google FeedBurner – RSS feed management tool
Google Map Maker – Create and edit maps.
Google Maps – Find local business, addresses and get directions.
Google Moderator – Allows you to create a series of topics and open them up for discussion.
Google News – find top news stories in one place
Google Places – Discover businesses based off your needs or wants
Google Takeout – A back up service provided by google
Google Webmaster Tools – Allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility on websites
Google + – Interest based social network
Picasa – Online photo storage and editing tool
YouTube – Online video storage and editing tool

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