NC Snake Pictures / Northern Black Racer Snake

Coluber constrictor constrictor

Non-venomous; adult size 36-66 inches (914 to 1,676 mm); common
distribution map
Distribution key: blue=where snake is found

Similar in appearance to the Black Rat Snake, but body is smaller in diameter, and a small white patch under the chin and along the throat instead of a white belly. It lives in brushy areas, rocky hillsides, and meadows, and underneath boards or tin around old buildings. Black Racers feed on insects, eggs, mice, frogs and lizards.

It is not aggressive and will quickly flee if you stand still, then slowly back away. However, if this snake is struck, cornered or captured, it will coil, rattle it's tail (bluff) and lunge at the intruder to defend itself. Note the racer hatchling picture below the adult picture.

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hatchling racer