Ornamentals Disease Information Notes


ODIN-002 Rose Diseases and Their Control in the Home Garden
ODIN-003 Some Common Pecan Diseases and Their Control in North Carolina
ODIN-004 Powdery Mildew of Ornamentals and Shade Trees
ODIN-005 Nematodes and Their Control on Woody Ornamentals in the Nursery
ODIN-006 Pine Wood Nematode
ODIN-007 Holly Diseases and Their Control in the Landscape
ODIN-008 Slime Flux / Wet Wood
ODIN-009 Southern Bacterial Wilt on Marigolds
ODIN-010 Scorch Diseases on Shade Trees
ODIN-011 Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Red Tip
ODIN-012 Rhododendron Diseases
ODIN-013 Phytophthora Root Rot and Its Control on Established Woody Ornamentals
ODIN-014 Damping-off in Seed Beds - Flower and Vegetable Seedlings
ODIN-015 Juniper Diseases and Their Control in the Landscape
ODIN-016 Azalea Diseases and Their Control
ODIN-017 Diseases of Leyland Cypress
ODIN-018 Dutch Elm Disease
ODIN-019 Some Common Pine Diseases in North Carolina Landscapes and Their Control
ODIN-021 Common Diseases and Disorders with the Gold-Dust Plant, Aucuba japonica
ODIN-023 Dogwood Diseases
ODIN-030 Root and Butt Rots of Oaks
ODIN-031 Nematode Management in Bedding Plants in the Landscape
NEMA-063 Nematodes and Their Control in Woody Ornamentals in the Landscape

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