Table 1. Resistance of evergreen azalea cultivars and species to root rot caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi.

Hybrid group/ Cultivar
Flower Color
Back Acres Hybrid
Corrine Murrah White with rose ruffle
Carla Hybrid
Fred Cochran Moderately purplish red 
Glenn Dale Hybrid
Fakir Purplish pink
Rhododendron species
Rhododendron poukhanese Moderate purple
Southern Indian Hybrid
Formosa Rose purple


Moderately Resistant
Back Acres Hybrid
Rachel Cunningham Yellowish pink to vivid red
Belgian Indian Hybrids
Chimes Purplish red
Redwing Purplish red
Gable Hybrid
Rose Greeley White with blotch
Glenn Dale Hybrids
Glacier White 
Merlin Light reddish purple
Polar Seas White 
Pericat Hybrids
Hampton Beauty Deep pink with blotch
Morning Glow Purplish pink
Pink Supreme Pink
Sweetheart Supreme Deep pink with blotch
Rutherford Hybrid
Alaska White with blotch
Satsuki Hybrids
Eikan Variable, white to pink
Higasa Purplish pink with blotch
Pink Gumpo  Light pink
Shin-ki-gen Variable, white to red
Southern Indian Hybrid
New White White 


Back Acres Hybrid
Margaret Douglas Light pink
Marian Lee White center, red border
Pat Kraft Vivid red
Saint James Yellowish pink to reddish orange
White Jade White 
Carla Hybrids
Cochran's Lavender Purplish pink
Pink Camellia Light purplish pink
Wolfpack Red Strong red
Belgian Indian Hybrid
California Sunset Moderate red 
Hexe Purplish red
Gable Hybrids
Herbert Vivid reddish purple
Rosebud Deep purplish pink
Royalty Vivid purplish pink
Glenn Dale Hybrids
Catawaba Reddish purple
Copperman Yellowish pink
Gaiety Light purple pink
Martha Hitchcock White with reddish margins
Robinhood Purplish pink
Treasure White with pink margin
Kurume Hybrids
Coral Bells Pink 
Hershey Red Red 
Hinodegiri Red 
Massasoit Dark red
Snow White 
Pericat Hybrid
Barbara Gail Light purplish pink
Flanders Field Vivid red
Fortune Strong red
Pink Hiawatha Pink 
Sensation Vivid purplish red
Rutherford Hybrids
Dorothy Gish Reddish orange with blotch
Gloria Purplish red
White Gish White 
Satsuki Hybrids
Amaghasa Vivid red
Kow Koku White with red variegation
White Gumpo White 
Southern Indian Hybrids
Mrs. G. G. Gerbing White 
Pride of Summerville (Lawsal) Strong yellowish pink
Prince of Orange Reddish orange

Highly Susceptible
Carla Hybrids
Adelaide Pope Deep rose pink
Autumn Sun Bronze-red
Carror Rose pink
Elaine Light pink
Emily Deep rose red
Jane Spaulding Rose pink
Pink Cloud Light pink
Sunglow Deep rose pink
Gable Hybrid
Purple Splendour Vivid reddish purple
Glenn Dale Hybrid
Pinocchio White with stripes
Kurume Hybrids
General MacArthur Reddish purple
Hino Crimson Strong red
Pink Pearl Strong pink
Satsuki Hybrid
Johga White to light purple or lt pink

For complete descriptions of these hybrid groups and cultivars, see Galle, F. C. 1987. Azaleas. Timber Press, Portland, Ore.

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