NC State Floriculture

Ornamental Vegetable Cultivar Trial Fall 1999

James L. Gibson and Brian E. Whipker

Listed below are 7 cultivars of ornamental vegetables trialed in 8 inch mum pans at the Horticultural Science Field Lab in Raleigh, NC.

Seeds were sown on August 13, 1999, and plugs were transplanted on August 29. Plants were sprayed with B-Nine at 2500 ppm 2 weeks after potting, then 14 days later. Plants were evaluated on October 26.

For a detailed description as well as cultural information, click on the specific cultivar below.

Common Name
Seed Source*
Red Bor
Red Kale
Red Russian
Ragged Jack
J, S
Italian Kale
Red Giant
Red Mustard
Potherb Mustard
J, S, AT
Flat Pak Choi
J, S, AT
Swiss Chard
Bright Lights
Swiss Chard
J, S, B, FG, N, P

* Seed Sources

AT = American Takii- (831) 443-4901

B = Ball Seed- (800) 879-2255

FG = Fred C. Gloeckner- (914) 698-2300

J = Johnny' Seeds- (207) 437-4301

N = Novartis Seeds- (800) 323-7253

P = Parks Seed- (800) 845-3369

S = Shepherd's Garden Seeds- (860) 482-3638

Thanks to Ingram McCall for her technical support and Fafard and Scotts for their generous donation of root substrate and fertilizer.

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