Insect Management

HIL's and Other Publications

*PDFInsecticide Recommendations - Aphids to Leafhopper

*PDFInsecticide Recommendations - Mealybug to Whitefly

Other Links of Interest

*Controlling Insects and Diseases on Azaleas and Rhododendrons
Patricia P. Cobb, Extension Entomologist; Austin K. Hagan, Extension Plant Pathologist, Auburn University

*Fungus Gnat Management, UMass Extension

*Fungus Gnat and Shore Fly Management-UConn Extension

*Herb Pest Management, UMass Extension

*Insect Problems in Commercial Production of Outdoor Cut Flowers University of Massachusetts Extension

*IPM for Bedding Plants, Scouting Methods, Cornell University

*IPM Scouting and Decision Making, UMass Extension

*IPM Greenhouse Scouting Forms

*Integrated Pest Management for Bedding Plants, Cornell University

*Integrated Pest Management for Bedding Plants, Cornell University

*IPM, Insects Common to the greenhouse

*Managing Aphids in the Greenhouse, University of Conneticut IMP Program

*Northeast Greenhouse IPM Notes, Rutgers

*Rutgers University Greenhouse IPM Notes

*Sticky Cards for Insect Management, UConn Extension

*PDFThe Flower Fields Insect Control Chart

*PDFThrips Biology and Control

*Western Flower Thrips: Biology and Control, UMass Extension

*Whiteflies in Commercial Poinsettia Production

*Whitefly Management in the Greenhouse, UConn Extension

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