PourThru Sampling

HIL's and Other Publications

* PDF 1 2 3's of Pour Thru

* PDF pH and EC Meters - Tools for Substrate Analysis

* PDF Monitoring and Managing pH and EC Using the PourThru Extraction Method - HIL 590

* PDF PourThru Guidelines for Geraniums - HIL#590a

* PDF PourThru Guidelines for Pansies - HIL#590b

* PDF PourThru Guidelines for Poinsettias - HIL#590c

* PDF PourThru Technique

* PDF Guidelines, Charts and Graphs for Monitoring New Crops

* PDF PourThru Training Lecture

Other Links of Interest

*Measuring Soluble Salts and pH with the Pour-Through Method, University of Georgia

*Monitoring and Adjusting Soluble Salts and pH, Georgia

* PDF On-site Testing of Growing Media and Irrigation Water

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