Plant Growth Regulators

Plant Growth Regulators

HIL's and Other Publications

*PDFTopflor: A New Plant Growth RegulatorNEW

*PDFBedding Plant Height Control Strategies

*PDFBonzi Has Advantages Over Sumagic as a Growth Regulator for Ornamental Peppers

*PDFDiagnosing Problems Due to Plant Growth Regulators

*PDFBest Management Practices For Plant Growth Regulators Used In Floriculture - HIL #529

*PDFHeight Control of Commercial Greenhouse Flowers - HIL #528

*PDFOrnamental Cabbage and Kale Growth Control with B-Nine, Bonzi and Sumagic Foliar Sprays

*PDFControl of Pampus Grass Growth Control with B-Nine, Bonzi and Sumagic Foliar Sprays

*Efficacy of A-Rest, Bonzi, and Sumagic on Growth of Tuberous-Rooted Dahlias

*PDFGrowth Regulators for Floriculture Crops

*PDFGrowth Regulators for Woody Ornamentals

PGR Calculator

*PGR Calculator Software

Other Links of Interest

*Alternatives to Chemical PGRs, The OSU-OFA Bulletin

*Bedding Plants, UMass Extension

*Bonzi applications on Florist Azalea

*Bonzi on Bedding Plants

*Bonzi on poinsettia

*Chemicals, MSDS, label info, applicability to floricultural crops, United States Horticultural Supply

*Controlling Plant Height Without Chemicals, UMass Extension

*Height Control of Flowering Crops and Vegetable Transplants, Oklahoma State

*Growth Retardants for Poinsettias, University of Massachusetts Extension

*Leaf Yellowing in Easter Lilies: Causes and Solutions
Dr. William B. Miller, Cornell; Dr. Allen P. Hammer, Purdue University

*Poinsettia Chemical Growth Regulation, Paul Ecke Ranch

*Poinsettia Height Control, Texas A & M

*Late Season Application of Bonsai to Control Stretch of Poinsettia, UMass Extension

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