Nutrition, Fertilizers (non-crop specific)

HIL's and Other Publications

*FERTCALC Grower SoftwareNEW

* PDFManaging Fall Pansy FertilityNEW

* PDFNutrient Deficiency SeriesNEW

* PDFAlkalinity Control for Irrigation Water used in Greenhouses

*PDFIdentifying Nutrient Deficiencies in Bedding Plants

*PDFElectrical Conductivity (EC): Units and Conversions

*PDFpH and EC Meters - Tools for Substrate Analysis

*Managing Micronutrients in the Greenhouse - HIL #553

*PDFSubmission Procedures for Root Substrate, Water, Fertilizer Solution, and Plant Tissue Samples - HIL #560

*PDFDesigning a Greenhouse Fertilization Program

*PDFFertilizer Suggestions for Ornamental Plants in Landscapes

*PDFGreenhouse Substrates and Fertilization

*PDFPlug Fertilization Strategies

*PDFPlant Nutrition Testing Procedures: Greenhouse SAT's?

*PDFPlug Testing: How, When, Why?

*PDFRevising the Fertilization Strategy for Ornamental Cabbage

*PDFThe One, Two, Three's of Greenhouse BMP's (Best Management Practices)

Other Links of Interest

*Comparison of Nutricote and Osmocote on Three Palm Species
By Paul K. Murakami and Fred D. Rauch CTAHR, University of Hawaii.

*Effect of a Novel P Fertilizer on Production on Florist Azalea and Pythium Resistance
Jonathan Lynch, Department of Horticulture, Pennsylvania State University

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