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Ornamental Grass References

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Ornamental Grass Internet Resources

Ornamental Grass National Sources

American Ornamental Prennials, Eagle Creek, Oregon

Blooming Nursery, Inc., Cornelius, Oregon

Bluestem Nursery, Arlington, Texas

Clemons Nursery, McMinnville, Tennessee

Emerald Coast Growers, Pensacola, Florida

EuroAmerican Propagators, Bonsall, California

Greenlee Nursery, Pomona, California

Hoffman Nursery, Rougemont, North Carolina

Kurt Bluemel, Inc., Baldwin, Maryland

Magnolia Gardens Nursery, Waller, Texas

Springbrook Gardens, Inc., Mentor, Ohio

Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc., Semmes, Alabama

Regional Ornamental Grass Links

University of Illinois Extension

University of Vermont Extension 1, 2, 3

Purdue University Extension 1, 2

North Carolina State University Extension 1, 2

University of Georgia Extension

University of Minnesota Extension1, 2

University of Rhode Island Extension

University of Tennessee Extension

Growing Ornamental Grasses in Houston, Texas, Donald Ray Burger

Grasses for Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area

Grasses for North Dakota, Cass County Extension

Kansas State Extension

Colorado State University Extension 1, 2, 3

Ornamental Grasses for Northern Climates

Arkansas Extension

Iowa State Extension

Nebraska Extension

The Ohio State University Extension

Miscellaneous Ornamental Grass Links

FhF Grasses

Ornamental Grass Society

Ornamental Grasses Fact Sheet, Smithsonian Institution

Cold Weather Tolerance of Ornamental Grasses, Tom Schwab, University of Wisconsin

All About Ornamental Grasses,

The Use of Ornamental Grasses in the Landscape, Richard Simon, Bluemount Nurseries, Monkton, MD

Control of Pampus Grass Growth with A-Rest, Bonzi and Sumagic Drenches, NCSU Floriculture Extension

Popular Varieties of Ornamental Grasses, The Garden Helper

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