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Ornamental Internet Resources


American Nursery Landscape Association (ANLA)

Southern Nurserymen's Association (SNA)


Trade Magazines


American Nurseryman


Ornamental Sources

Appalachian Nurseries, Waynesboro, PA

Classic Groundcovers, Athens, GA

Griffith Propagation Nursery, Watkinsville, GA

Hawksridge Farms Nursery, Hickory, NC

Shadow Nursery, Winchester, TN

Sherman Nursery, Charles City, IA

Spring Meadow Nursery, Grand Haven, MI


Ornamental Links

Websites for Nurserymen, NC State Nursery Crop Science

University of Connecticut Plant Database

Salisbury University Arboretum

Image Gallery of Woody Plants

Groundcovers, shrubs and trees, Virginia Cooperative Extension

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