[Termite Prevention ]

Although earth or rubble-filled porches may be simple to construct, they can be problem when it comes to termite control. Termites can construct tubes along the foundation or walls of this uninspectable void and reach wooden framing unseen. Treatment of these areas can be done either by making the porch interior accessible from the crawlspace side or by drilling through the slab at approximately 12-inch intervals along the areas adjoining the wall(s) of the house.

rubble-filled porch
Earth-filled porches are often filled with construction debris that prevents effective termite treatment in the future.
gap between porch and foundation where termites may invade
After brick or other siding is in place, it becomes impossible to see areas where termites may invade from an earth-filled porch.
earth-filled porch before final brickwork
Earth-filled porches can allow termites to move
into a house unseen.
termite tubes at joint between porch and foundation
Termites can tube through the gap between the
foundation and the porch to reach wood.

Drill holes through porch surface
Earth-filled porch drilled prior to treatment

opening a porch from the crawlspace
Making a porch accessible from the crawlspace side.

Supported porches that open into the crawlspace or to the exterior help reduce problems with termites because they are accessible for inspection and treatment, if needed.
example of an open porch
Exterior view of a supported porch.
inside an open porch
Interior view of the supported porch