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North Carolina's Formosan Termite Program

Termite Baiting System Installations - August 2004  

Based on the the results of the field and light trap surveys, a control program began in July-August 2004. The control program consisted of two components:

  • Termite baiting systems containing chitin synthesis inhibitors were installed along sections of the railroad tracks and trails with identified or suspected infestations.
    NOTE: Residential/commercial structures are not being treated as part of the project. The owners of any infested structures must contract for pest control services as they deem necessary.
  • Injection of infested trees with a termiticide to eliminate aerial infestations. This component of the project is still in the planning phase.


measuring placement of stations NCDA&CS-SPC inspector Larry Conner measures off 20-foot intervals for bait station installations
A local pest management professional drilling holes for bait station installations. A total of 154 stations over a 0.6 mile stretch of tracks at this site in Spindale. augering hole for station
installing station You have to enjoy playing in the dirt to install the stations properly.

An Exterra® bait station installed in between cross ties along the railroad tracks.

Exterra station
recording GPS coordinates of stations NCDA&CS-SPC inspector Larry Conner calls out GPS coordinates at each bait station location along the tracks to Patricia Alder with the NCSU Entomology Department. A total of 89 Advance® stations were installed at 20-foot intervals at this site in Forest City.

Sentricon® stations adjacent to infested RR ties used as a vehicle barrier at the walking trail in the town of Ruth. The vertical posts were infested with FSTs (see next image).

Sentricon stations near RR ties

trail and RR spur

Example of section of gravel-covered rails (A) and an uncovered spur (B). Ninety-three stations were installed at this site parallel to the spur and near the trees.

Advance® is a registered trademark of Whitmire-Microgen, St. Louis, MO
Exterra® is a registered trademark of Ensystex Corporation, Fayetteville, NC
Sentricon® is a registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN

[Note: Mention of particular products or companies does not imply an endorsement of their services
or products or discrimination against other similar products or companies which were omitted.]


All photographs taken by M. Waldvogel, Dept. of Entomology, NCSU.


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