Foundation (Subsurface) Drain Systems [ RETURN ]

Excessive moisture around foundation can lead to termite problems. Foundation (subsurface) drains are often used to prevent or correct moisture problems under/around homes. Most new homes in North Carolina are built with drainage systems installed. However, installing one after a house is built requires digging or removing the soil along your foundation, which will remove the chemical termite barrier around your home. If you have a termite contract, removing or disturbing the soil along the foundation will likely void your termite protection contract.
Foundation Drain

Drainline covered with soil and gravel.
Installing foundation drains may make future liquid treatments more difficult (and possibly more costly). If you are planning to install a drain system, and you have a termite contract, then call your pest control company before the work starts.

A foundation drain may go unnoticed during a termite inspection. If a pest control company is going to treat your house for termites, make sure that they know about the drain before any work is started. This will help prevent accidental runoff of the termiticide into your yard, storm sewer, a pond or wherever your drain line empties.