• Discard clothing that becomes thoroughly saturated or contaminated with pesticides.
  • If you spill pesticides on the clothing, pre-rinse the articles by:
    • presoaking in a suitable container;
    • agitating in an automatic washing machine;
    • spraying/hosing the garment(s) outdoors.

  • Wash pesticide contaminated clothing separately from family laundry.
  • Washing machine settings: HOT water temperature (140o F/60oC), FULL water level, NORMAL wash cycle.
  • Rewash the contaminated clothing two or three times, if necessary.
  • Use about 11/2 times the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent for soiled clothing.
  • Line dry clothing to avoid contaminating your clothes dryer.

  • Rinse your washing machine thoroughly after laundering contaminated clothing. Run the washer empty of clothing. Set for a full wash cycle and use heavy duty liquid detergent.

Source: Washing Pesticide Contaminated Clothing NCCES Family and Consumer Sciences Publication HE-414.

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