Ornamental and Turf Insect Information Notes


Lawn Pests
Bees in Turf  HTML PDF
Chinch Bugs  HTML PDF
Cicada Killer Wasps  HTML PDF
Clover Mites in Turf HTML
Crayfish in Lawns HTML
Earthworms as Turf Pests HTML
Fall Armyworm in Turf HTML
Fire Ants  HTML PDF 
Ground Pearls HTML PDF
Insect Management in Turf  HTML PDF 
Japanese Beetles  HTML PDF
Millipedes In and Around Homes HTML PDF
Nematode Use to Control Turf Pests (Link to Ohio State Univ.) HTML
Mole Crickets  HTML PDF 
Rhodesgrass Mealybug HTML
Twolined Spittlebug  HTML PDF
Scoliid Wasps  HTML PDF
Springtails HTML PDF
Sod Webworm  HTML PDF
White Grubs in Turf  HTML PDF 
Yellow Jackets  HTML PDF 

Link to TurfFiles

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