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North Carolina Corn and Soybean Basis Estimates

Evaluating basis can be thought of as the economics of where and when. Most commonly, we talk about the nearby basis, which is the difference in the current local cash price and the NEARBY futures, the price of the futures contract closest to expiration. The local nearby basis is a random variable whose inherest riskiness can be expressed in the form of a probability density functions (PDF). This page in the tables below provides estimates as well as estimated PDF's of local basis for the months of October and January calculated over the period 1980(1)-2005(5) for 37 grain markets in North Carolina. For a more complete explanation of basis densities and empiracal estimates, please click below:

NC Corn And Soybean Basis Density Fact Sheet

NC Corn Basis Data (Table)

NC Soybean Basis Data (Table)