Crop Succession Planning – Field Rotation, Cut Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables

On-Farm Mentor Lecture Series

Week Three: Crop Secession Planning – Field Rotation, cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables

Flying Cloud Farms, Fairview NC

1. Overview of Flying Cloud Farm


Crops we grow – Asparagus to Zucchini, Artemesia – Zinnias

Marketing Methods – CSA, tailgate markets, roadside stand, Trout Lily

Emphasis on our need for a constant flow of produce during the harvest season

2. Overview of Crop Succession

Goal – Planning the farm to have a constant supply of vegetables, flowers and herbs over season.

 Information needed for planning

   A. First and last frost dates

   B. # of days to harvest for each crop

   C. # of days to transplant for crops started in the greenhouse

   D. harvest window

 3. Overview of Charts

   A. Direct Seeded Crops

   B. Transplanted Crops

   C. Direct Seeded Flowers

   D. Transplanted Flowers

  4. Overview of Field Rotation

A. Our method of grouping crops for rotation

      B. Different rotation options

 5. Beyond Planning – the reality of planting

A. Planting when the last sowing emerges from the soil

       B. Soil temperatures, weather conditions, and variables.

 6. Farm Tour to see succession planting in action.

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