4-H Presentations

Presentations (formerly known as Demonstrations) and illustrated talks are planned presentations by one or two 4-H members that teach information related to a project or activity (SEE PRESENTATION CATEGORIES BELOW – for areas that children can do presentations in). Simply put, they are ways of showing and telling others how to make or do something and sharing useful information.

The main objective of presentations is to help boys and girls have a meaningful experience and encourage their growth and participation. While teaching them public speaking skills. Please keep in mind that one broad objective of the 4-H Presentation Program is to provide opportunities to help one “Make the Best Better”.

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4-H Presentation Categories


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Beef Char-Grill Individual/Team 9-10
Beef Char-Grill Individual/Team 11-12
Beef Char-Grill Individual/Team 13-19
Breads Individual/Team 9-10
Breads Individual/Team 11-12
Breads Individual/Team 13-19
Chicken BBQ Individual/Team 9-10
Chicken BBQ Individual/Team 11-12
Chicken BBQ Individual 13-19
Dairy Foods Individual/Team 9-10
Dairy Foods Individual/Team 11-12
Dairy Foods Individual/Team 13-19
Egg Cookery Individual/Team 9-10
Egg Cookery Individual/Team 11-12
Egg Cookery Individual/Team 13-19
Fruit & Vegetable Use Individual/Team 9-10
Fruit & Vegetable Use Individual/Team 11-12
Fruit & Vegetable Use Individual/Team 13-19
Health Individual/Team 9-10
Health Individual/Team 11-12
Health Individual/Team 13-19
Peanut Foods Individual/Team 9-10
Peanut Foods Individual/Team 11-12
Peanut Foods Individual/Team 13-19
Pork Cookery Individual/Team 9-10
Pork Cookery Individual/Team 11-12
Pork Cookery Individual/Team 13-19
Safety Individual/Team 9-10
Safety Individual/Team 11-12
Safety Individual/Team 13-19
Turkey BBQ Individual/Team 9-10
Turkey BBQ Individual/Team 11-12
Turkey BBQ Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Textiles & Apparel Individual/Team 9-10
Textiles & Apparel Individual/Team 11-12
Textiles & Apparel Individual/Team 13-19
Home Environment & Energy Individual/Team 9-10
Home Environment & Energy Individual/Team 11-12
Home Environment & Energy Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Dog Individual/Team 9-10
Dog Individual/Team 11-12
Dog Individual/Team 13-19
Dog/Small Animals Individual/Team 9-10
Dog/Small Animals Individual/Team 11-12
Dog/Small Animals Individual/Team 13-19
Horse Individual/Team 9-10
Horse Individual/Team 11-12
Horse Individual/Team 13-19
Horse Public Speaking Individual/Team 9-10
Horse Public Speaking Individual/Team 11-12
Horse Public Speaking Individual/Team 13-19
Livestock & Dairy Production Individual/Team 9-10
Livestock & Dairy Production Individual/Team 11-12
Livestock & Dairy Production Individual/Team 13-19
Poultry Individual/Team 9-10
Poultry Individual/Team 11-12
Poultry Individual/Team 13-19
Small Animals Individual/Team 9-10
Small Animals Individual/Team 11-12
Small Animals Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Bicycle Individual/Team 9-10
Bicycle Individual/Team 11-12
Bicycle Individual/Team 13-19
Electric Individual/Team 9-10
Electric Individual/Team 11-12
Electric Individual/Team 13-19
Entomology Individual 9-10
Entomology Individual/Team 11-12
Entomology Individual/Team 13-19
Small Engines Individual/Team 9-10
Small Engines Individual/Team 11-12
Small Engines Individual/Team 13-19
Science Individual/Team 9-10
Science Individual/Team 11-12
Science Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Artistic Arrangement Individual/Team 9-10
Artistic Arrangement Individual/Team 11-12
Artistic Arrangement Individual/Team 13-19
Crop Production Individual/Team 9-10
Crop Production Individual/Team 11-12
Crop Production Individual/Team 13-19
Horticulture Production & Marketing Individual/Team 9-10
Horticulture Production & Marketing Individual/Team 11-12
Horticulture Production & Marketing Individual/Team 13-19
Landscaping Individual/Team 9-10
Landscaping Individual/Team 11-12
Landscaping Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Environmental Quality Individual/Team 9-10
Environmental Quality Individual/Team 11-12
Environmental Quality Individual/Team 13-19
Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Individual/Team 9-10
Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Individual/Team 11-12
Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Individual/Team 13-19
Forestry Individual/Team 9-10
Forestry Individual/Team 11-12
Forestry Individual/Team 13-19
Wildlife Individual/Team 9-10
Wildlife Individual/Team 11-12
Wildlife Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Expressive Arts & Communication Individual/Team 9-10
Expressive Arts & Communication Individual/Team 11-12
Expressive Arts & Communication Individual/Team 13-19
Photography/Video Production Individual/Team 9-10
Photography/Video Production Individual/Team 11-12
Photography/Video Production Individual/Team 13-19
Public Speaking Individual/Team 9-10
Public Speaking Individual/Team 11-12
Public Speaking Individual/Team 13-19


Category Individual/Team Age Group
Open Class Individual/Team 9-10
Open Class Individual/Team 11-12
Open Class Individual/Team 13-19

4-H Entertains

Only two acts from each county are able to go on to district competition!


Note: Cloverbuds can enter in any of the above categories but only on a COUNTY LEVEL!

The Cloverbud division is a non-competive division, but provides wonderful experience in public speaking. Cloverbuds do not go on to district level!

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