How Can I Join 4-H?

How can I join 4-H?

There are many ways:

  • Join a 4-H club or organize your own community base club by calling 560-0525.

  • Start a 4-H club . . . just 5 members or more and adult volunteers are all you need!

  • Join a special interest group–a group that gets together for a short time to study one thing, or to participate in one activity!

  • Enroll as an individual and explore the project of your choice!

  • In your school, look for 4-H school enrichment programs!

Your County 4-H Agent is your key to getting started in 4-H. We can tell you what clubs already exist in Durham County, what projects are being worked on, how to start a new club, or how to participate on your own.

For more information about Durham County 4-H, please contact Durham County Cooperative Extension and see our 4-H Enrollment Page

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