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Table of Contents

Introduction Dr. David L. Lindbo
1998 Hall of Fame Dr. Bob Uebler
A Brief History of On-Site Wastewater Management Dr. Robert Rubin
Integrated Planning Using On- Site Wastewater Systems Dr. Anish Jantrania
Getting More For Less by Planning On-Site Disposal Toney Jacobs
Site Development: A Regulator's View Joe Lynn
The Future of On-Site Wastewater Dr. Anish Jantrania
Selecting Sites for On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems David Gustafson
Pre and Post-Installation Issues: Inspection Protocol John Williams
Stormwater Runoff Designs and Considerations Relating to On-Site Wastewater Systems Bill Hunt
Educational Programs in Wastewater Treatment for Public Officials Dr. Karen Mancl
Wastewater Pretreatment Systems Dr. Karen Mancl
Operation and Maintenance of Alternative Systems Bill Patrakis
Monitoring Protocol for On- Site Systems Dr. Anish Jantrania
Wastewater Flow and Infiltration Dr. Aziz Amoozegar
Land-use Practices and Fecal Coliform Pollution of Coastal Waters Dr. Mike Mallin
The Fate of Nutrients Added to Soils from Septic Systems Dr. Wendell Gilliam
Microbial Pathogens and On- Site Soil Treatment Systems Scott Meschke
Wastewater Interaction with Soil Clay Minerals Dr. Dean Hesterberg
Interpretation of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity for Designing Septic Systems Dr. Aziz Amoozegar
Development of Prefabricated Septic and Pump Tank Construction and Installation Standards for North Carolina Ishwar Devkota
Outlet Filter Devices
Outlet Filter Devices II
Paul Booher
Prolonging the Life of On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems Dave Gustafson
Temporary Rules for Effluent Filters and Devices and Other Possible Rule Changes Joe Lynn
Septic Planner Walter Cole &
Scott Cameron
Choices for Communities: Wastewater Management Options for Rural Areas Dr. Mike Hoover
Septic System Information Websites Dr. Diana Rashash
Septage Management Dr. Rober Rubin
Nutrient and Pathogen Contribution to Surface and Subsurface Waters form On-Site Wastewater Systems--A Review Dr. Martha Cardona
Field Tours
Appendix A: List of Speakers and Moderators

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