The Vernon James Center

The Vernon G. James Center is located on the NCDA Tidewater Research Station. The 32,000 square foot facility was opened in February, 1991, and houses NCSU faculty, North Carolina Department of Agriculture (NCDA) management, and support personnel. Operated by North Carolina State University, it is one of the off-campus centers which provides a focal point for activities in regions removed from the main campus at Raleigh. Research and Extension goals are primarily associated with agriculture and natural resource topics. A 300 person auditorium, seven laboratories, conference rooms, offices and support space are located within the center. Activities conducted at both Tidewater Research Station and the James Center are designed to enhance the agricultural enterprises, natural resources and environment in Northeastern North Carolina.

The Tidewater Research Station was established in 1943 in Washington County. It replaced the Blackland Test Farm in Wenona which was established in 1912. The Station occupies 1558 acres of which 840 are woodland, 428 are cropland, 195 are pastures and 95 are used for roadways, waterways, support facilities, and aquaculture ponds. Research studies conducted at the Station involve field crops, livestock, aquaculture, horticulture, and soil & water.

The Station/Center is located five miles east of Plymouth just off highway 64, and is part of the statewide system of agricultural research farms.

The Facility is jointly administered by NCDA and NCSU.


Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center, NCSU Phone: (252) 793-4428. Fax: (252) 793-5142.
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