NCSU Wildlife Extension
NC State Wildlife Extension Home
Detailed information on a wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians
Information, supplies and assistance for controlling property and crop damage by wildlife
Contact information for local wildlife damage control agents, Extension Wildlife Specialists and USDA/APHIS wildlife damage control
Information on NC and Federal threatened and endangered species
Links to numerous youth environmental education sources
Make your yard more attractive to wildlife with information from these sources
Information on how to manage and improve habitat for various types of wildlife
How to deal with orphaned or injured wildlife, and contact information for licensed wildlife rehabilitators
Use this search engine to find particular topics
NCSU's Aquaculture Extension website
NCSU's Pond Management Extension website
NCSU's Forestry Extension website
Information on NC State's Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences academic programs
Extensive information from the USFWS on wildlife-related issues
Education and conservation information from the NWF
Education and conservation information from NCWF
Waterfowl conservation and education information from D.U.

Most documents provided on this page have been deemed appropriate for North Carolina by the NC State Wildlife Specialist.

*Unless otherwise noted-most of the documents below are in Adobe PDFAdobe PDF Format format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it for free from Adobe here.*

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