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A comprehensive guide to the basics of pond management, including planning and construction, stocking and harvesting, liming, fertilization, and more
A 23-minute video illustrating all the basic aspects of pond management for recreational fishing
Publications and sources of information on aquatic weed identification and control methods
Dealers licensed to sell triploid (sterile) grass carp in North Carolina for aquatic weed control
- North Carolina dealers licensed to sell fingerlings for stocking ponds
Links to detailed information sources on the design and construction of new ponds, and the permits required
Detailed information on specific topics such as fish kills, fertilization, beaver control, leeches, mysterious
Contact information for County Extension Centers, Specialists, and other sources of fisheries management information
Guidelines for the 4-H Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Presentation competition
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NCSU's Aquaculture Extension website
NCSU's Aquaculture Extension website NCSU's Wildlife Extension website
Information on NC State's Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences academic programs
Main webpage for NC's inland fisheries and wildlife management agency
Main webpage for NC's marine fisheries management agency

For additional information, first contact your local county Cooperative Extension Center. View the complete list of county cooperative extension centers.

*Pond Management

Dr. Jim Rice
Extension Fisheries Specialist
NC State University
Zoology Department
Rm 255 David Clark Labs
Box 7617
Raleigh, NC 27695-7617
Phone: 919-515-4592
Fax: 919-515-5327

*Aquatic Weed Management

Dr. Rob Richardson
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
NC State University
Crop Science Department
Williams Hall 4401B
Box 7620
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: 919-515-5653
Fax No. 919-515-7959

*NCWRC Division of Inland Fisheries

Information from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Division of Inland Fisheries on fishing regulations, fisheries management, fishing opportunities, and WRC trout and warmwater fish stocking activities.

*North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries

For information on North Carolina's coastal and marine fishes, angling and commercial fishing statistics, fish identification guides and facts, visit the NCDMF website.

*NC Sea Grant

For information regarding coastal and marine fisheries issues, visit the North Carolina Sea Grant web site.

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