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Study Abroad in Chile

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources has a tradition of successful international study tours. However, these have been limited to one to two weeks, which constrains the topics that we can cover and the opportunities for in-depth student learning. This project provides matching support for a longer study tour in Chile, with two weeks in traditional study tour format and one week with the group divided into three focus areas: plantations, natural forest, and water quality and hydrology issues. Study tours are intensive, inquiry-guided learning. Students conduct background research that is compiled into resource notebook.

During the study tour, students learn from lectures, field visits, and small group work to make field observations and to interview different stakeholders. Study tour participants bring benefits back to the University through various reporting mechanisms, including seminars, posters, classroom presentations and discussions, and newsletter and journal articles.

The study tour is also an important opportunity for faculty, as demonstrated by the fact that Dr. Frederick’s 2004 sabbatical in Chile was largely motivated by his participation in an earlier study tour.

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