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Intermediate to Advanced Concepts in GIS for Natural Resource Professionals

April 19-20, 2007
McKimmon Center
NC State University
Raleigh, NC

NC State University
Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program,
Department of Forestry &
Environmental Resources,
Center for Earth Observation


About the Workshop

In the past decade Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has become fully integrated into all aspects of natural resources management. Knowing how to properly use this technology can greatly speed up the processes of mapping and inventorying. The workshop is designed around practical examples and exercies that are most valuable to natural resources professionals.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is essential for any forest manager or natural resource professional involved in forest inventorying and mapping. This workshop is designed to augment the information given at the February 2007 Introduction to ArcGIS 9 and to give seasoned GIS users some new and advanced skills. Previous training and utilization of GIS technology is a prerequisite to taking this workshop. Please note that the workshop can only accommodate 24 participants.

Our NC State Instructors

Dr. Stacy Nelson is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and the Center for Earth Observation. His research centers around the use of remote sensing and GIS technologies to address both regional and local-scale questions of land use/cover change and the impacts on aquatic systems.
Mr. Bill Slocumb is a Research Associate with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, and the Center for Earth Observation. His research is on geographic information systems, global positioning systems, and remote sensing. He has developed and instructed GIS training for the National Park Service, NC Division of Forest Resources, and has assisted with the development and teaching of graduate level courses on spatial information systems.


The workshop will offer up to 15 Category 1 Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) credits from the Society of American Foresters. In addition, the workshop is being reviewed for continuing education units relating to landscape architecture and land appraisal. Please notify us if you feel there are additional professional continuing education credits applicable.

Workshop Location and Lodging

The workshops will be at the McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education located on the NC State University campus, 1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh, NC 27606 Raleigh, NC. Click here to visit the McKimmon Center web page with driving directions and a map.

Lodging and meals are not included in the registration fee. There are many good hotel and motel options near the NC State Campus. To visit our Lodging List web page, click here. The McKimmon Center has a short order cafe and is located within walking distance of both campus and commercial eateries. Note that food and beverage are not allowed in the computer labs.

Registration and Fees

The registration fee for the workshop is $495 and includes course handouts and computer lab privileges. The deadline to register for the workshop is April 12, 2007. You may register using Visa or Mastercard at the FEOP Registration Store. If you would prefer mailing your payment or faxing the registration form, click here to obtain a PDF version of the workshop flyer. Cancellations received by the FEOP office on or before April 11 are eligible for a refund of $450. Cancellations after April 11 will not receive a refund. Sending a substitute participant is recommended in this situation.

Topical Agenda for this Workshop

Day 1 - Thursday, April 19 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Integrating Image Data & Heads-Up Digitizing:
Section Objectives: At the conclusion of this section the user will be able to display geo-referenced images, digitize vector features and use them to create new spatial features.

Exercise - Digitizing and creating new spatial features from image data

Creating a Mapping Project in ArcGIS:
Section Objectives: At the conclusion of this section the user will be able to create an ArcGIS Project from spatial data and conduct basic spatial analysis and thematic mapping using ArcGIS.
Exercise –Creating a project in ArcGIS

Lunch on your own

Creating a Mapping Project in ArcGIS, continued

Exercise - Creating a project in ArcGIS
Exercise - Fire Planning at Sequoia-Kings Canyon Park

Day 2 - Friday, April 20 - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

ArcGIS Data Capability Issues:
Section Objectives: At the conclusion of this section the user will be able to use ArcToolbox to import data from various sources into a format that is readily usable by ArcGIS.
Exercise - ArcGIS Data Import and Capability Issues

Understanding Spatial Analyst:
Section Objectives: At the conclusion of this section the user will be able to use the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension to create new layers from raster data, analyze statistics generated from the data, and employ raster calculator to create new results.
Exercise - Spatial Analysis

Lunch on your own

Using 3D Analyst to calculate volumes
Section Objectives: At the conclusion of this section the user will be able to use the ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension to calculate container volumes, make analyses based on data generated statistics and manipulate layer properties to visualize data in ArcScene.
Exercise - 3D Analyst

Question and Discussion session and workshop evaluation.


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