2006 IUFRO Forest Plantations Meeting

Conference Presentation Synopsis

October 10-13 , 2006
DoubleTree Guest Suites
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Below are the extended abstracts, manuscripts, and Power Point presentations from speakers and poster presenters who participated in the 2006 IUFRO 4.04.02 Forest Plantations Meeting. This international conference was held from October 10-13, 2006 at the DoubleTree Hotel and Suites in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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Revised: 7 December 2006

Oral and Poster Presenters on Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Opening/Keynote Session

David Wear, USDA Forest Service,and Chris Goulding, Ensis, conference co-chairs, "Welcome Comments" [PowerPoint]

Fred Cubbage, NC State University, conference co-chair, "Fast Growing Plantations: An Overview" [PowerPoint]

Conference Keynote Speaker: Mary Coulombe, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, "Development and Implications of the FAO Forest Plantations Standard"[PowerPoint]

Chris Goulding, Ensis, "New Zealand’s Investment in Industrial Forest Plantations" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Lars Rytter, The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, "Production, Silviculture and Nutritional Aspects of Hybrid Aspen Plantations" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Michael Battaglia, Ensis, "Sustaining Productivity of: Using Process Knowledge to Reduce Risk while Maximizing Net Benefits" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Jerry Michael, USDA Forest Service, "Physical, Chemical, and Biological Impacts of Intensive Forest Management on Streams Draining Watersheds in the Coastal Plain of Alabama" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Anne Petermann, Global Justice Ecology Project, "Social and Environmental Impacts: Monoculture Plantations and Genetically Engineered Trees" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper] Neil Carman, Sierra Club [PowerPoint]. Danna Smith, Dogwood Alliance [PowerPoint]

Concurrent Session A - Intensive Silviculture and Forest Nutrition

Boris Zeide, University of Arkansas at Monticello, "Intensive Forest Management and Environmental Issues" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Jacob Crous, Sappi Forests Research, "The Significance of Residual P and K Fertilizer in Countering Yield Decline in Fourth Rotation Crops of Pinus patula in Swaziland" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Mark Coleman, USDA Forest Service, "Contrasting Activity and Surface Area for Leaves and Roots of Intensively Managed Southeastern US Forest Species" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Concurrent Session B - Genetics, Silviculture, Growth and Yield (Part 1)

Lars-Göran Stener, The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, "Genetic Improvement of Hybrid Aspen – Populus tremula x P. tremuloides" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Bruce Carroll, FORSight Resources LLC, "Strategic Implications of Clonal Plantation Deployment" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Christina Staudhammer, University of Florida, "Growth and Yield Differences in Pure- versus Mixed-Family Stands: Six-Year Results from Slash and Loblolly Pine Trials" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Concurrent Session C - Timber Supply and Demand

Fred Cubbage, North Carolina State University, "Global Forest Plantations Assessment: Contributions to Sustainable Wood Supply and Resource Conservation" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Bob Abt, North Carolina State University, "Forest Plantations and Timber Supply Projections in the U.S. South" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Brooks Mendell, Forisk Consulting LLC, "Wood Demand Across Southeastern Timber Markets" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Posters Exhibited

"Impacts of Fertilization on Water Quality in a Coastal Pine Plantation" [Abstract or Paper] D.M. Amatya, USDA Forest Service.

"Timber Investment Returns for Plantations and Native Forests in the Americas" [Poster] [Abstract or Paper] Fred Cubbage, North Carolina State University.

"Effects of Physicochemical Parameters on Macroinvertebrate Community Structure Under Two Logging Regimes" [Abstract or Paper] M.W. Griswold, University of Florida.

"Avian Assemblages of Intensively Established Pine Plantations in Mississippi" [Abstract or Paper] Brice B. Hanberry, Mississippi State University.

"Management Templates for Increased Biodiversity and Economics in Intensively Managed Southern Pine Plantations" [Abstract or Paper] Tom Hinkley, University of Washington.

"Economical Forestry Zoning Method for Forest Plantations Based on Site Conditions" [Abstract or Paper] Iwao Noda, Forestry and Forest products Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan.

"Density Trajectory for the Fastest Growth" [Abstract or Paper], Boris Zeide, University of Arkansas at Monticello.

"Wide-Space Planting: How to Make it Work" [Abstract or Paper] Boris Zeide, University of Arkansas at Monticello.


Oral Presenters on Friday, 13 October 2006

Concurrent Session B – Genetics and Silviculture, Growth and Yield (Part 2)

David South, USDA Forest Service, "Realized Gains from Planting Large-Diameter Seedlings and Intensive Management" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Bruce Borders, University of Georgia, "Long-term Silvicultural Study to Evaluate Intensive Management Regimes for Loblolly Pine in the Southeastern USA" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Adrian Ares, Weyerhaeuser Company, "Achieving Long-term Site Productivity in the Pacific Northwest: Research-Driven Strategic Databases to Best Management Practices" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Concurrent Session D - Growth and Yield

Mingliang Wang, University of Georgia, "Parameter Estimation of Dominant Height Curves" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Dehai Zhao, University of Georgia, "Survival Model for Fusiform Rust Infected Loblolly Pine Plantations under Mid-rotation Vegetation Control" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

John Stephens, University of Arkansas at Monticello, "Long-Term Growth Records of a Loblolly Pine Plantation" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Rob Harrison, University of Washington, "The Stand Management Cooperative: Studies on Intensive Plantations Management Impacts in the Pacific Northwest" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Concurrent Session E - Wood Quality

Hector Gonzalez Rubio, University of Missouri, "Influence of Forest Management Regimes on Wood Quality of Gmelina arborea Roxb." [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Doug Maguire, Oregon State University, "Comparative Primary Branching Structure Among Seven Plantation Conifers in North America" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Roberto Volfovicz-Leon, University of Georgia, "Silvicultural and Planting Density Impacts on Sawlog Quality of Loblolly Pine" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Alexander Clark, USDA Forest Service, "Effects of Intensive Forest Management on Wood Quality of Loblolly Pine" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Concurrent Session F - Economics, Carbon and Energy

Virginia Morales, University of Georgia, "The Economic Impact of the Forest Sector in Uruguay" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Jaap Steenkamp, "The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Forestry Contracting Sub-Sector and the Implications for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Petra Packová, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Czech Republic, "The Potential of a Model Catchment Area for Growing Energy Riparian Stands" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Matthew Langholtz, University of Florida, "Effect of CO 2 Mitigation Incentives on the Profitability of Short-Rotation Woody Cropping of Eucalyptus amplifolia on Clay Settling Areas in Florida" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Concurrent Session G - Environmental Issues and Impacts

Mike Battaglia, Ensis, "Socio-Economic Impact of Land Use Change to Plantation Forestry: A Review of Current Knowledge and Case Studies of Australian Experience" (author: Jacki Schirmer) [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Diane Bennett, University of Florida, "Assessing Amphibian Responses to Forest Harvest and Streamside Management Zone Practices in the Dry Creek Watershed, Georgia" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Phillip Jones, Mississippi State University, "Loblolly Pine Stand Establishment Intensity Effects on Pine Growth, White-tailed Deer Carrying Capacity, and Northern Bobwhite Winter Food Index" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Masato Miwa, International Paper, "Effect of Forest Harvesting and Site Preparation on Sediment and Nutrient Loads in Small Headwater Streams in Southwestern Georgia" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]

Plenary Session - Summary and Discussion

Tom Fox, Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University, "Sustainability of Plantation Forestry" [PowerPoint] [Abstract or Paper]


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