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Vegetables (8000-8199)

8001 Growing A Fall Vegetable Garden [PDF]PDF Format
8002 Home Garden Asparagus Production [PDF]PDF Format
8004 Home Garden Beet Production [PDF]PDF Format
8005-A Home Garden Broccoli Raab [PDF]PDF Format
8007 Home Garden Cabbage Production [PDF]PDF Format
8011 Home Garden Lettuce [PDF]PDF Format
8012 Home Garden Collards [PDF]PDF Format
8014-B Home Trellised Cucumbers [PDF]PDF Format
8015 Home Garden Eggplant [PDF]PDF Format
8016 Home Garden Greens [PDF]PDF Format
8016-A Home Garden Upland Cress [PDF]PDF Format
8017 Home Garden Spinach [PDF]PDF Format
8018 Home Garden Green Bunch Onions [PDF]PDF Format
8018-A Home Garden Onion Production in Eastern NC [PDF]PDF Format
8019 Home Garden Okra [PDF]PDF Format
8020 Home Garden Southern Peas [PDF]PDF Format
8021 Home Garden Pepper Production [PDF]PDF Format
8026 Home Garden Turnips And Rutabagas [PDF]PDF Format
8027 Home Garden Celery In Eastern North Carolina[PDF]PDF Format
8033 Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Gardens[PDF]PDF Format
8100 Composting for Home Gardens [PDF]PDF Format
8101 Weed Control in Vegetable Gardens [PDF]PDF Format
8102 Mini-Gardening [PDF]PDF Format
8104 Growing Vegetable Transplants for the Home Garden[PDF]PDF Format
8105 Container Vegetable Gardening[PDF]PDF Format
8106 Bean Sprouts and Other Vegetable Seed Sprouts [PDF]PDF Format
8107 Growing Tomatoes for Home Use[PDF]PDF Format
8107-A Blossom-End Rot Of Tomatoes In In The Home Garden[PDF]PDF Format
8107-B Pruning And Supporting Home Garden Tomatoes[PDF]PDF Format
8108 Harvesting Vegetables [PDF]PDF Format
8110 Growing Herbs for the Home Gardener [PDF]PDF Format
8111 Harvesting and Preserving Herbs for the Home Gardener [PDF]PDF Format
8112 Winterzing the Herb Garden [PDF]PDF Format

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