December 1994 Revised LEAFLET NO: 00


Douglas C. Sanders, J. M. Davis, J. R. Schultheis, D. W. Monks
Extension Horticultural Specialists
Department of Horticultural Science
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
North Carolina State University

The symbols C, P, and M in the Description/(Adaptation) column indicate the areas of the state for which the variety is recommended. C = Coastal, P = Piedmont, M = Mountains. *Some major seed sources listed in back.

CROP Some Variety Sources* Description (Adaptation)
ASPARAGUS Greenwich local All male hybrid, resistant to rust. One of the top yielding varieties. (C,P,M) Jersey Gem local All male hybrid, resistant to rust and tolerant to cercospora leaf spot. One of the top yielding varieties. (C,P,M) Mary 1,5,15, Resistant to rust. Produces large, green Washington 16,23 spears. Local and home garden. (C,P,M) BEANS - Snap Bush: (Fresh Market) Atlantic 4,6,12,22 Very long, slim, round pods, dark seeded. Resistant to CBMV. 48-52 days. (C,P,M) Bronco 4,6,12 Very similar to 'Strike', but pods are darker green and shiny. 49-50 days. (C,P) Bush Blue 4,6,12 Very high potential yield, round pod, white Lake 47 seeds, and resistant to CBMV. Local use and good processing quality. 52-54 days. (C,P,M) Bush Blue 1,5,6,9, Very good quality, round pod, white seeds Lake 274 12,14,18, and resistant to CBMV. Local 23 use and good processing. (C,P,M) Eagle 4,6,12 A vigorous upright plant with very high potential yield, round pod, white seeds and resistant to CBMV. Local use. 52-54 days. (C,P,M) Goldrush 4 Medium long, round pod, good color. 53 days. (C,P,M). Harvester 1,6,12,15, White seeded, long podded, erect type 18,23,25 plant with resistance to CBMV. Good shipper. 52-55 days. (C,P,M) Hialeah 6,12 Long, round pod, very productive, and uniform set. 53 days. (C,P,M). Opus 4,6,12 High yielding, resistance to rust, shipper, resistant to CBMC. 52-56 days. (C) Pod Squad 4,14,22 Very good yield, medium green, round pod. 53 days. (C,P,M) Provider 1,4,5,6,9, High yielding, dark seeded, round podded 11,12,15, bean with concentrated pod set and resistance 18,22,23 to common bean mosaic virus. (CBMV). A good shipper. 50-52 days. (C,P,M) Roma II 1,5,6,9, Excellent flavor, good yield of flat pods. 12,14,15 CBMV resistance. 52-56 days. (C,P,M) Spurt 4,6,12 Good shipper, medium pod length, fair yield. This is especially good for fall crops because of its resistance to bean rusts and CBMV. 52-56 days. (C,P,M) Strike 4,14,22 A vigorous upright plant, outstanding yield. Very straight, smooth slender pods. Seed form very late and pods hold small size for a long time. Good shipper. Resistant to CBMV and New York 15 strain CBMV. Seed are small thus reducing planting cost. 50-52 days. (C,P,M) Sunrae 15 Bright yellow, round pods, compact bush. 55 days. (C,P,M). Pole: Dade 6,12,23 Pods are 7-8 inches long, smooth, uniform, fleshy and oval in shape; resistant to rust; common bean mosaic and Southern bean mosaic. 50-55 days. (C,P,M) Stringless 5,6,12,15, A high producing, vigorous, stringless variety. Blue Lake 18,23 Dark green pods round smooth, straight, medium in length. Excellent for canning and freezing. 65-70 days. (C,P,M) White Seeded 1,4,5,6,9, A hardy, widely adapted, high climbing, Kentucky 12,15,18,23 productive variety. Long, curved, slightly Wonder (191) stringy pods containing white seeds, borne in clusters. Excellent flavor, excellent for canning and freezing. 65-70 days. (C,P,M) BEAN - Lima Bush: Bridgeton 6,9,12 Small seed, dark green pods, similar to Early Thorogreen. Resistant to downy mildew. 62-65 days. (C,P,M) Early 8,15,25 Small, green-seeded type; early maturing and Thorogreen highly productive. 62 days. (C,P,M) Fordhook 242 1,5,6,9,11, Large seeded type. Productive, but does not bear 12,14,15, well in hot or dry weather. 70-75 days. (C,P,M) 22,23 Henderson Bush 4,5,6,8, Small seed; productive. Plants medium small, 12,22,23 bushy, erect. 65-70 days. (C,P,M) Nemagreen 3,6,12 Small seed. Fresh market or processing, nematode resistant. 68-70 days. Pole: Carolina Sieva 4,5,6,12, Vigorous climber; bears over long season; 23,25 medium-small seed; good quality. 77-80 days. (C,P,M) King of the 1,6,12,22 Long, flat pods with large seeds; high quality Garden bean. 85-88 days. (C,P,M) BEETS Redpack 4,6,12 Excellent for canning and bunching. Smooth glove shaped, dark red roots, with short, strong, red tinged dark green tops. Very good yields. 62-65 days. (C,P,M) Ruby Queen 1,4,5,6,8, Smooth round root; small taproot; good interior 9,16,18, color, good for processing or market. 60-6days. 22,23 (C,P,M) Warrior 9 Hybrid with excellent color; good for bunching. 57 days. (C,P,M). BROCCOLI Arcadia 1,6,12,14, Dark green with prominent domed head. Late. 19 95 days. (C,P,M) Baccus 4,6,12 Darkgreen with prominent domed head. Very early. 65 days spring, 50 days fall. (C,P,M) Big Sur 4,6,12 Dark green with domed head. Early. Heat tolerant. 70 days spring, 55 days fall. (C,P) Embassy 4,6,12 Medium-large heads, large beads. 70 days. (C,P) Emperor 1,6,12,15, Green Duke type; smooth dark medium-large head, 22 some heat tolerance. 65 days. (C,P,M) Galaxy 4,6,12 Medium to large blue-green heads, domed and solid. Medium fine buds. Relatively compact plant. 60 days. (C,P,M) Green Comet 1,4,6,9,12 Very uniform with large, tight heads; good shoot production; can be used for spring and fall plantings. 55-60 days. (C,P,M) Green Valiant 1,6,12 Medium-large tight head; compact plant type. 83 days. (C,P,M) Legend 6,12,14,19 Dark green with prominent domed head. 85 days. (C,P) Mariner 1,6,12,16 Medium-large domed head, small beads, 70 days. (C,P) Packman 1,6,12,16 Hybrid, large heads, good dome and medium beads. 55-60 days. (C,P,M) Pirate 1,6,12,16 Hybrid, excellent dome, small beads, tolerant to downy mildew. 90 days. (C,P,M) Premium Crop 1,4,5,6,9, Medium-large tight heads; open plant type; good 12,14,16 for home garden. 68 days.(C,P,M) CABBAGE Applause 6,9,12 Upright, large, globe heads; fusarium yellows resistant, black rot tolerant. 72-78 days. (C,P) Bravo 6,9,12 A very uniform hybrid; small to medium head size; yellows resistant; may tip burn. 78-83 days. (C,P,M) Blue Gem 6,9,12 Hybrid, medium size uniform dark blue heads, solid interiors, short cores. Black rot resistant. 78 days. (C,P,M) Blue Pak 8 Hybrid, small-medium size uniform dark blue heads, solid interiors, short cores. Black rot resistant. 80 days. (C) Cardinal 1,6,12 Solid red, large, oval, medium. 85 days. Conquest 4,6,12 Uniform hybrid; medium size head, globe shape, blue-green color. Yellows resistant; spring only, tip burn, and black rot susceptible. 75-80 days. (C) Discovery 6,12,16 Compact plant, round heads, med. blue green color, very uniform. 80 days. (C,P) Gourmet 1,6,12,14 Small to medium size plant; round heads, blue green color, very uniform. 80-85 days. (C,P,M) Green Cup 4,6,12,14 Round flattened head, tolerant to black rot, fusarium resistant, prone to tip burn, sidedress with CaNO3. Good for over winter. 98 days. (C,P) Head Start 4,6,12,14 Slightly flattened globe, very uniform, early. 65 days. (C,P) Market Prize 6,9,12 Hybrid; vigorous, early mid-season for market and shipping. Yellows resistant. Black rot susc. 76 days. (C,P,M) Morris 19a Hybrid; round, early, for market and shipping. Yellows resistant. Tip burn and thrips tolerant. (C,P) Quisto 6,12,15 Main season, black rot, yellows and tip burn resistant. 88 days. (C,P) Red Acre 1,6,12 Red variety; heads small, round and firm. open pollinated. 75-80 days. (C,P,M) Red Rookie 1,14,19 Solid full colored heads with good wrapper leaves. 78-82 days. (C,P,M) Rio Verdi 6,9,12 Mid-season hybrid, bluish green color; good wrapper leaves; dependable spring and fall; black rot susceptible. 80-85 days. (C,P,M) Ruby Ball 3,6,12 Late red, open frame, large oval, medium stem. 90 days. (C,P,M) Savoy Ace 6,9,12 Hybrid savory type, round flattened heads, large wrapper leaves. 85-90 days. Showboat 6,9,12 Upright, medium-large, short core, deep globe; resistant to fusarium yellows and tolerant to black rot. 80-84 days. Solid Blue 760 1,6,12 Round oval heads, extra dense with short core; extra blue color; tolerant to black rot. 76 days. (C,P,M) Solid Blue 780 1,6,12 Main crop vigorous, blue green, with good wrapper leaves and density. 78 days. (C,P) Solid Blue 790 1 Mid-season, excellent blue green, with good wrapper leaves and density. Yellow resistant and black rot tolerant. 79 days. (C) Solid Blue 831 1 Mid-season, solid round heads, good red color, medium frame, excellent wrapper leaves, yellow resistant. 83 days. (C,P,M) Sombrero 19a Main crop vigorous, red green exterior, good wrapper leaves and density. 70 days. (C,P) Spitfire 19a Point head hybrid. Early. Vigorous dark green, holds well in field. Good tight head, superior to Early Jersey Wakefield. 65 days. (C,P,M) CHINESE CABBAGE (Michihli types) Early Hybrid G 6,9,12 Very attractive, firm, short, thick, uniform plant medium to light green in color. 50-55 days. (C,P,M) Jade Pagoda 1,6,9,12,19 Tall cylindrical plants, very uniform, broad heads, medium green color; vigorous and slow bolting. 72 days. (C,P,M) Michihli 1,5,6,9,12, Tall, cylindrical, dark green heads, high 15,18,22, quality, thick direct seed in late July to 23 early August. 70 days. (C,P,M) (Napa types) Bouquet 1,6,12 Excellent flowering Chinese cabbage. 60 days. (C,P) China Express 1,6,12 Medium to large, dark green, tolerant to tip-burn. 64 days. (C,P,M) China Pride 1,6,12 Disease tolerant, broad heads with dark green leaves, slow bolting. 68 days. (C,P,M) (Pakchoi types) Joi Choi 1,14 Very uniform white stem with deep green leaves, suit for fall and winter, slow bolting. 70 days. (C,P,M) Mei Ching Choi 11,14,19 Compact, attractive, medium green small pak choy type, green petioles. 45 days. (C,P) Mei Choi 1,6,12,19 Early, vigorous and uniform, very dark leaves, good for warmer season. 45 days. (C,P,M) Monument 1,6,12 Very tall cylindrical planting, uniform hybrid with glossy green leaves, very heavy head. 50 days. (C,P,M) Prize Choi 6,11,12 Upright, good contrast between leaves and stem color. (C,P) CARROTS A&C Nantes 1 Good uniformity for baby carrots. Roots 3-5 in. long, 0.50-0.75 in. thick. 60 days for market. Danvers 126 1,4,5,6,8, A high yielding strain. Roots 6-7 in. long, 1-2 9,12,15,16, in. thick. 75 days for market - 130 days for 22 processing. (C,P,M) Orlando Gold 1,6,12,23 Good color F1 Hybrid. Roots 6-8 in. long, 3/4 in. thick. 76 days market. (C,P,M) CAULIFLOWER Early 5,6,12,16, For spring or fall crop. Heads 7 in. diameter; Snowball A 22 fine quality, plants short and compact. 55 days from plants. (C,P,M) Snow Crown 1,4,6,9, Small-medium size head; white, smooth deep head 12,14,20 type; small plant size. 50 days from plants. (C,P,M) Super Snowball 6,12,15 Heads 6 1/2 in. diameter, compact. Widely used. 55 days from plants. (C,P,M) COLLARDS Blue Max 1 Hybrid, outstanding yield. Large, dense, slightly savoyed leaves, excellent uniformity. 68 days. (C,P,M) Carolina 6,12,15 New Vates type but more uniform; rich green color; resistant to downy mildew. 70-80 days. (C,P,M) Champion 1,9 Larger standing Vates type; somewhat taller; uniform blue green leaves, close internodes. 78 days. (C,P,M) Flash 1 Very vigorous, fancy, uniform hybrid. 73 days. (C,P,M). Georgia 1 Uniform slow bolting, good in warm Southern weather. 75 days. (C,P,M) Heavi-Crop 1,6,12 Hybrid; medium blue-green smooth leaves closely spaced on plant. 65 days. (C,P,M) Morris Heading 4,15,23 Medium to large plant; loose heading, large leaves, slight savoying. 70-75 days. (C,P,M) Top Bunch 1,14,19 Early Vates types, blue-green, uniform leaves. 67 days. Vates 1,4,6,8,9, Medium size plant, non-heading, cold tolerant, 12,14,15, uniform. 70-80 days. (C,P,M) 22,23 CORN, SWEET White Early (70-77 days) Platinum Lady 1,5,7,22 Purple coloring in stalk. (C,P,M) (se) Quick Silver 9 Very early, dark green husks. (C) (su) Mid-Season (78-84 days) Alpine (se) 1,11,15 Excellent yields, good quality. (C,P) Chalice (su) 1,7,15 Consistent, good quality, standard type. (C) Silverado (se) 9 Good cold soil emergence. Excellent yield, very sweet. Tolerant to Stewart's wilt. (C,P) Silverette(se) 9 High quality, excellent yields. (C) Snowbelle (se) 4 Sweeter than Silver Queen, but smaller ear. Susceptible to Stewart's wilt. (C,P) Viva (se) 4 Good germination potential, petite ears. (trial) Susceptible to Stewart's wilt. (C,P) Late season (85+ days) Camelot 7 High quality sweet corn. Good yields. Good crate pack out. Even Sweeter 4,14 High yielding, refined, good quality ear. (sh2) Tender pericarp for sh2. (C) Pegasus (sh2) 7 Large, full ear. Difficult to remove from stalk if hand harvesting. (C) Silver Queen 1,5,7,14, Most common fresh market variety grown in NC. (su) 15,22 (C,P,M) Ssupersweet 1 High quality corn, good crate pack out. 8801 (sh2) 1 Frontier 4 Extremely vigorous, quickly established after planting. Good for early planting. Note: Blanking was observed in one 1991 on-farm test. Yellow Early Champ (se) 4,6,12 Excellent quality. (C,P) (trial) Maple Sweet 14,22 Consistent yielder, good quality. (C) (se) Senaca Horizon 1,9,17 Early yielding, standard type. (C) (su) Sundance (su) 9 Refined high quality corn, smaller size ear. (C,P,M) 62Y (se) 1 Very early corn with fair to good quality. (C,P) Mid-Season Bellringer(su) 9 Good yield and quality. (C,P,M) Bodacious (se) 1,7,9 Very sweet. (C) Challenger 4,14 Refined kernels, high quality ear, and well- (sh2) filled tips. Good vigorous seed for emergence. Good shipper, pale yellow kernel color. (C) Crisp N' Sweet 711 (sh2) 7 Dependable yields, high quality corn. (C,P) Incredible(se) 1,7,9 Good yielding quality corn. (C,P) Landmark (sh2) 9 Extremely vigorous seed, quickly established after planting. Especially good for early planting. Lack of tip fill can be a drawback to this variety. Merit (su) 4,25 High quality corn, large ear. (M) Pinnacle (sh2) 9 Very high yielding. Complete tip fill often lacking. (C) Supersweet 7210 (sh2) 1 Dependable yielding, well suited for mechanical harvest, good crate pack out. (C,P,M) Summersweet 7360 (sh2) 1 Consistent, high quality mainseason refined ear. Zenith (sh2) 9 Very refined, high quality eating corn, smaller ear. (C) Late season Excel (sh2) 1,15 Refined, large, high quality ear. For later spring plantings. (C) Senaca Chief 17,22,25 Good standard variety. (C,P,M) (su) Sweetie 82 1,23 Large ear, good yields. (C,P) (sh2) Bicolor Early Butter & Sugar 22,23 Consistent yielder, good quality standard type. (su) (C) Top Notch(sh2) 9 Very sweet, early. (C) Mid-Season Calico Belle 4 Refined, good quality ear, high yielding. (C) (se) Dazzle (sh2) 4 High quality attractive ears, good tip fill, yields well, excellent crate pack out. Ssupersweet 1 High quality and yields. Excellent crate pack 8102 out. Ssupersweet 1 High quality and yields. Excellent crate pack 8502 out. Sweeter Bi Far 9 Early high quality corn, very sweet. (C) (sh2) Sweet Sue (su) 9 Consistent yielder, good quality standard type. (C) Late season Biqueen (su) 1,15 Consistent yielder, good quality standard type. (C) *Note: sh2 and s.e. are high sugar genes and require special conditions. The seed of super sweet varieties is substantially different from normal (sugary) types. The single gene mutant which causes the high sugar content and low water soluble polysaccharides in the ears you grow, also causes the hybrid seed to be substantially lower in density and have a wrinkled appearance. Consequently, seed counts are approximately double those of normal varieties. The above varieties are that gene type sh2 are suggested for mass planting, as cross pollination with non-sh2 types may reduce total sugars and result in tough pericarps. Isolation of sh2 from other sweet corn gene types is also suggested. CUCUMBERS Disease resistance symbols: CMV = cucumber mosaic virus, DM = downy mildew, PM = powdery mildew, A = anthracnose, ALS = angular leaf spot, S = scab. Slicer Fresh Market Centurion 1,6,12,15 CMV,DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Excellent yields, high quality fruit, spring planting. 59 days. (C,P,M) Dasher II 1,5,6,16, CMV,DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Good yields, spring planting, 22,25 58 days. (C,P,M) General Lee 4,6,8,12, CMV,DM,PM,S. Excellent yields, high quality 14,22 fruit. Spring planting. 66 days. (C,P) Guardian 15 CMV,DM,PM,ALS,S. Good yields. Spring planting. 61 days. (C,P,M) Marketmore 76 1,4,6,9, CMV,PM. Good for mountain trellis production. 10,12,14, High quality fruit, lower yields. Spring 15,16,22,25 planting. 67 days. (C,P,M) Maximore 100 1 ALS,A,DM,CMV,PM,S. Widely adapted, excellent yields. (C,P) Poinsett 76 1,4,6,10, DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Continuous multiple harvest 12,15,16, (good pick-your-own). Excellent for fall 22,25 planting. Short fruit length. 65 days. (C,P) Revenue 6,8,12,22 S. Good yields. Spring planting, 67 days. (C,P) Speedway 16 High yielding. Early, dark green color, 8" long, good keeping ability. Sprint 440 S 4,6,12,22 CMV,DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Very early and good yields, but poor quality fruit. Spring planting, 52 days. (C,P) Striker 4,6,12 Recommended for fall planting or when stress conditions are anticipated. Similar to Marketmore 76 with slightly longer fruits. Turbo 6,12,16 CMV, DM, PM, A, ALS, S. Good vigor and yields. Long fruit. 66 days. Pickling Types (Multiple Harvest) Calypso 1,4,6,9,12, CMV,DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Consistent producer, spring 14,16,22, and fall plantings. 53 days. (C,P,M) 23,25 Fancipak 4,6,12 DM,A. Dark green color, 40-45 days. (C,P,M) Napolean 14,23 ALS,S,DM,PM,CMV,A. Medium dark green, good producer. 51 days. (C,P) Raleigh NCSU DM,A. High yielding, quality fruit. 40-45 days. (C,P) Transamerica 8 DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Long fruit. 50 days. (C,P) (Multiple or Once-over Harvest) Cross Country 8,14,22 DM. Long fruit. 50 days. (C,P) Discover 4,6,12 DM,A. Large fruit, fair color. (C,P) Johnston NCSU DM,A. High yielding, quality fruit. (C,P) Primepak 4,6,12 DM,PM,A. Very long. Good quality fruit. (C,P) Regal 6,9,12 CMV,DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Very early, high yielding, long fruited, dark green. (C,P) Royal 6,9,12 CMV,DM,PM,A,ALS,S. Dark green, long fruited. (C,P) DAIKON (Winter or oriental radish) April Cross 1 Very long, mild, slow bolting type. 60 days. (C,P) H. N. Cross 1 Short oriental radish, good for spring planting. 75 days. (C,P) EGGPLANT Classic 6,9,12 Hybrid, high early yields; good deep color but not as uniform as Special Hibush; generally not as long. 76-80 days. (C,P,M) Epic 6,12,16 Long tapered classic shape, good yields. 76 days. (C,P) Little Fingers 6,9,12 Oriental type with smooth, slender fruit 4-7 in. long. 68 days. (M) Long Tom 6,12,19 Oriental type, good yield of slender 4-6 in. long fruit. (C,P,M) Sonata 9 Improved classic type. Special Hibush 6,9,12 Outstanding shape and color. Yields over full season. Resistant to phomopsis fruit rot. 80-83 days. (C,P,M) GOURDS Ornamental Small Types 1,5,6,9,10, Various shapes, colors and sizes. 100 days. 12,14 (C,P,M) Large types 5,6,9,10, Green color, Includes Large Bottle, Calabash, 12,14 Italian Edible, and Long Handle Dipper types. 100 days. (C,P,M) HONEYDEW Honeybrew 1,19 A large round melon with lime green flesh. Good disease resistance to Fusarium Race 1, downy and powdery mildew. 90 days. (C,P,M) Earli-Dew 16 Small (2-3 lb), round fruit with green flesh. Creamy green at maturity. Slips when mature. Resistant to Fusarium Race 2. Early, 80 days. (C,P,M) KALE Blue Armor 1 Hybrid, vigorous, uniform tall plants. Curled leaves with dark blue green color. 52 days. (C) Blue Knight 1 Vates type with taller stalk and more vigor. Long harvest period. 68 days. (P) Siberian 5,6,12,15, Tall, sprawling, vigorous plant with large blue 23 green leaves with frilled edges. 60-65 days. (C,P,M) Vates 4,6,9,12 Low spreading, hardy and slow to bolt. Leaves tightly curled and bluish green. 55-57 days. (C,P,M) KOHLRABI Grand Duke 1,5,9,10, Hybrid. Large, uniform bulbs with smooth, 14,15,22 medium green skin. 50 days. (M) LEEK Catalina 1 Large extra blue-green leaves, broad stems, good quality. 150 days. (C,P,M) Titan 6,12,22 Extra long early, good for spring planting. 70 days. (C,P,M) LETTUCE - Head: Ithaca 1,4,6,12, Large firm heads with dark green outer leaves 14,16,22 and heavy midribs. 82 days. (C,P,M) LETTUCE - Leaf: Grand Rapids 1,4,5,6,8, Medium large plant with large curled leaves 9,12,15, formed into a compact bunch. 43 days. (C,P,M) 16,18,20, 22,23 Red Sails 1,6,12,22 Large red leaf lettuce; strong red fringe on outer half of leaf. 45 days. (C,P,M) Ruby 5,6,12,15, Bright green, frilled leaves, shaded with 22 intense red. 47 days. (C,P,M) Salad Bowl 1,4,5,6,8, Produces attractive, tender leaves even under 9,12,15,23 warm, dry conditions. 43 days. (C,P,M) Slobolt 1,6,12,14 Bolt resistant leaf type, very attractive with excellent packout. 45 days (C,P,M) Cos or Romaine: Romulus 1,6,12,16 A mid-season cos, good wrapper leaves, very uniform, slightly savoyed. 75 days. (C,P,M) Signal 1,6,12,16 A mid-season cos, good wrapper leaves, good uniformity and fine texture. 69 days. (C,P,M) Butter Head: Buttercrunch 1,5,6,12, Bibb type, long-standing. Thick clusters of crisp leaves. 64 days. M.T.O. 14,15,16, (C,P,M) 23 Nancy 11 "Big Boston", medium green, holds well. Mildew resistant. M.T.O. 58 days. (C,P,M) MUSKMELON (CANTALOUPES) Allstar 9 Hybrid, eastern-western fruit, slight ribbing, high sugars, good shipper. 85 days. (C,P) Ambrosia 1,5,6,12, Great aroma, large fruit, thick flesh, very 14 high sugar content. Local sales only. 86 days. (M) Athena (trial) 15 Large fruit, 6-8 lbs, large cavity, western type. Shipping not as good as its replacement Argonaut. 85 days. (C) Burpee Hybrid 1,5,6,12, Medium size fruits with distinct ribs and 14,22 attractive cream to yellow skin at maturity. The most popular variety grown for local sales only. 82 days. (C,P,M) Cordele 4,6,12,14 Sutured, well netted, large, deep salmon flesh. PM resistance. 83 days. (C) Durango 1,16 Hybrid, fruit 3-4 lbs, good for shipping. Coarsely netted with high sugar content. Resistance to powdery mildew and fusarium wilt. Western type. 85 days. (C,P) Eastern Star 1,6,12,15 Very large fruit, about 8 lbs, very early. Only for local sales. 75 days. (C,P,M) Gold Star 6,9,12 Good yield of variable sized fruit. Good for local markets. 87 days. (C,P,M) Primo 1,6,9,12,14 Hybrid, large western type, about 5-6 lbs. 85 days. (C) Summet 4,6,12,14 A hybrid variety adapted to crating and shipping. Fruits are well netted, oval with slight ribbing. Very firm flesh. 80 days. (C,P,M) Supermarket 1,6,12,16 Hybrid variety with medium size oval fruit. Not adapted to distance shipping. Dependable producer but variable fruit size. 85 days. (C,P,M) Superstar 5,6,9,12, A large round melon with pronounced deep ribs 25 and thick netting. Average weight 6 lbs. 86 days. (C,P,M) Tasty sweet 1,6,12,23 Hybrid, good for shipping. Very high sugar, 3.5 to 4.5 lbs. Western type, 85 days. (C,P) (TROPICAL MELONS) A-One 19 Sweet, soft, green flesh melon. Slight ribbing, green rind with slight netting, 90 days. Galia 13 Sweet, aromatic, soft, green flesh melon. Yellow-orange rind with slight netting, when ripe. 80-85 days. Gallicum 16 Sweet Mediterranean melon that weighs 3-4 lbs. Exterior is green, then turns golden yellow when ripe. Slightly netted. Aromatic, with soft, green flesh that is very sweet and flavorful. 80-85 days. ŚMUSTARD Greencorse 2 Heavily curled with frilled margins, dark green. 50 days. (C,P,M). Southern Giant 1,5,6,12, Light green, long and wide leaves, heavily 15,23 crumpled and curled at the edges. 40 days. (C,P,M) Tendergreen 6,9,12,23 A quick growing variety. Leaves oblong, thick, (Mustard Spinach) fairly smooth, medium green in color. 35 days. (C,P,M) OKRA Annie Oakley 1,6,12,16 Hybrid okra with angular pods with good uniformity. Pods are bright green. 53 days. (C,P,M) Clemson 1,4,5,6,8, A uniform, spineless variety with angular pods Spineless 9,12,14,15, rich green in color; plants 5 feet. 55-60 18,23 days (C,P,M) Emerald 1,6,9,12, Uniform, spineless. Plants 6-7 feet tall; 15,23 round, smooth pods, rich green in color. 58 days. (C,P,M) Lee 15 A new variety that produces from a single stem (nonbranching) plant of medium height. Pods very dark green in color. 55-58 days. (C,P,M) BUNCHING ONIONS Beltsville 1,4,5,6,12 F hybrid, good yields, fast growth, non bolting Bunching winter hardy. 90-160 days. (C,P,M) Ishikura Long 1,8,14 Hardy variety from Japan with shanks, top grow to 18-24 in. 90-140 days. (C,P,M) ONIONS (Short Day) Contessa 4 White, globe, mild, over winters well, bolt resistant. 130 days. Granex 33 4,6,12 Large, yellow, top-shaped bulbs with white flesh. Early. 100-158 days. (C,P,M) Primavera 1,6,12,16 Large, yellow, top-shaped bulbs. Very early. 100-120 days. (C) Texas Early 4,5,6,9,12, Large, yellow, top-shaped bulbs with white Grano 502 15,18,23 flesh. Use transplants or seed. 100-160 days. (C,P,M) Texas Grano 1,6,12,23 Large, yellow, top-shaped bulbs. Early. 100-140 1015Y days. (C) ONIONS (Intermediate day) Transplant or direct seed. Willamette 23 Very large, glove shaped bulbs, over winters Sweet well. 135 days. (C) ONIONS (Long day) *Best when grown from transplant in January. Buffalo 1 Flattened globe shape, very pungent, resists bolting overwinters well. 120 days. (C) Golden 6,12,23 Large, very early, globe shaped bulbs. 120 Cascade* days. (C) Hi Ball 3 Round shape, very pungent, resists bolting, overwinters well. 110 days. (C) Juno 1 Flattened globe shape, pungent, over winter well. 120 days. (C) Sweet 1,5,14,16, Large, top shaped, pungent, stores well. Best Sandwich* 23 when transplanted. 120 days. (C) Tough Ball 3 Flattened globe shape, mild, resists bolting, overwinters well. 130 days. (C) SOUTHERN PEAS Colossus 24,25 Giant crowder, good yields, easy to pick and shell, semi-vine, good flavor, brown seed. 75 days. (C,P,M) Dixie Lee 8,24 High yielding, compact plant with long pods; easy to pick and shell. 60-65 days. (C,P,M) Hercules 24 High yielding, large seed. 75 days. (C,P,M) Mississippi 21 Semi-vining bushtype with pods borne above and Purple below foliage. Purple hull. Crowder with medium size seed. (C,P,M) Mississippi 8,24,25 Very compact plant with cream colored pods Silver concentrated over the row; easy to harvest and shell. 60-63 days. (C,P,M) Princess Anne 24 Semi-vining bushtype with pods borne over the top. A blackeye type. 60-63 days. (C,P,M) GARDEN PEAS Green Arrow 1,5,9,11, Medium height (2'), bright green, 14 pods 14,22 (4.5") point pods. 69 days. (C,P,M) Novella 1,6,12,15 Medium height (2.5'), dark green pod (3.5"), fusarium resistant, great yielder. 64 days. (C,P,M) Sparkle Blunt 1,6,12,15 Short (1.5'), dark green pods (3"), fusarium resistant. 59 days. (C,P,M) Tall Telephone 4,8,18, Tall (up to 6') very vigorous vine, pods and (Alderman) 22,23 seed edible. 70 days. (C,P,M) PEPPER (open pollinated) Bell: Capistrano 1,16 Very large, dark green thick walled fruit with 4 lobes. Good leaf cover. 76 days. (C,P,M) Keystone 1,4,5,6,9, Dark green, thick walled fruits with 4 lobes. Resistant 12,14,15, High early yields. TMV resistant. 70-73 days Giant #3 16,18,20, from transplants. (C,P) 22,23 Jupiter 1,6,12,14, Excellent large, 4 lobed fruit. Good yield and (contact 15 fruit cover. MAY HAVE INCREASED SUSCEPTIBILITY County Agent) TO BACTERIAL SPOT. TREAT SEED WITH CHLORINE!! (C,P,M) Pip 4,6,12 Dark green, medium to large fruit with mostly 4 lobes. 75 days. (C,P) Yolo Wonder L 1,4,5,6,9, Green, 3-4 lobed fruit, upright plant with 12,15,16, good leaf cover, TMV resistant. 80 days. (P,M) 18,20,22,23 Frying type: Cubanelle 1,4,5,6,12, Yellow-green, thin to medium walls, slight 14,16 taper and rounded end. Early. 62-65 days. (C,P) Hot Type:Ś Hungarian Wax 5,6,9,12, Smooth, 5-6 inch long fruit are waxy yellow to 14,15,16, orange to red. 65-70 days. (C,P,M) 22,23 Jalapeno M 14,15,16,22 Sharp flavor; good for processing and fresh market, vigorous and upright. 80 days. (C,P,M) PEPPER (Hybrid) Bell: Bell Captain 1,6,12,16 3-4 lobes. Thick walls, very large fruit. (C,P,M) Bell King 9 3 lobes. Thick walls, elongated blocky, good symmetry. 70 days (C,P) Camelot 1,16 Very large 4-lobe, dark green, excellent yield open plant. 74 days. (C,P,M) Clovis 6,12,15 Long 4 lobe, dark green fruit. Excellent yield and size. Good shelf life and outstanding red color. 80 days. (C,P,M) Elisa 6,12,15 Large, 3-4 lobe, dark green, excellent yield, good cover. 75 days. (C,P,M) Gatorbelle 1,6,12,16 Bright green thick walled fruits 3-4 lobes. Good early yields, may have high level of 3 lobes, TMV resistant. 70-73 days. (P,M) Hybelle 6,9,12 Fruits 3-4 lobed, blocky fruit. Upright plants which bear high yields. This hybrid is TMV resistant. 66-72 days. (P,M) King Arther 6,12,16 Hybrid, very large, blocky fruit. Good yields. 75 days. (C,P) Marengo 4,6,12,14 Green thick-walled blocky fruit, mostly 3 lobes. Outstanding red and yellow when mature. 70-74 days. (C,P,M) Melody 4,6,12 Long 3 lobed fruit; thick walls, good yielder for processing only, good leaf cover, TMV resistant. 80 days. (C,P,M) Mission Bell 6,8,12 Darkest green, early, 4 lobe, medium size fruit with good cover; continuous set. Concentrated first set. 73 days. (C,P,M) Mitla 16 Early hybrid jalapeno, excellent yields. 65 days. (C) Orobelle 6,12,14,15 Dark green, 4 lobe, blocky yellow when ripe. TMV and PVY resistant. 77 days. (C,P,M) Purple Bell 1,5,10,15 Hybrid, purple, turning red at full maturity. TMV resistant. 75 days. (C,P,M) Ranger 1,6,12 Hybrid, large, blocky bell, mostly 4 lobed, tall plant. TMV resistant. 75 days. (C,P) Ssupersweet 860 1 Excellent, large, quality fruit and yield potential. (TMV, PVY, STIP). 76 days. (C) Ssupersweet 862 1 Hybrid, large, blocky fruit. Strong plant with good cover. (TMV, PVY, STIP). 76 days. (C) Verdel 6,12,15 Dark green, midseason, 4 lobed thick walled, good yielding hybrid. Sets well under cool conditions and has good foliage. 78 days. (C) Frying type: Biscayne 6,12,16 Ivory green, medium walls, blocky and tapered, very early, excellent yield. 65-70 days. (C,P) Key Largo 1,6,9,12 Light yellow-green, good foliage cover. Medium walls, tapered, very good yields. 60-64 days. (C,P) POTATOES (For more specific information consult HIL 22-B) Atlantic Midseason. Excellent yielding white with resistance to Virus X, net necrosis, late blight and scab. Susceptible to internal necrosis. Excellent for chips. (C,P,M) Coastal Chip Midseason, excellent yielding white with resistance to scab, latent and mild mosaics, Virus A, and race A of the golden nematode. Excellent for chips. (C,P) Fontenot Midseason, good yielding, bright red, "more info to come" Katahdin Late. Buff color with disease resistance to Virus X. (M) Kennebec Late. White good for chipping with disease resistance to late blight and Virus X. (M) Norchip Medium early. Good yielding white with scab resistance. Very good for chips but poor fresh. (C,P) Pungo Midseason. Excellent yielding white with resistance to late blight. Very good for chips but poor fresh. (C,P) Red Norland Midseason. High yielding red with no disease resistance. Ozone susceptible. (C,P) Red LaSoda Midseason. High yielding red with no disease resistance. Ozone susceptible. (C,P) Steuben Late season, but early bulking, good yielding white chipper with golden nematode resistance. Control size with close in-row spacing, late. (C,P) Superior Early. Fair yielding white potato with resistance to scab. Good for chips and very good for fresh market. (C,P) PUMPKINS Autumn Gold 1,5,6,11, All America Selection. Hybrid, yellow while 12,14,22 immature, the color deepens to a glossy golden orange. Productive, 3-4 pumpkins per vine, 7-10 lbs. Very early. 90 days. (C,P,M) Big Max 1,4,5,6,9, Some disease tolerance; very large, up to 200 10,12,15 lbs, squash type pumpkin. 110 days. (C,P) Big Tom, Howden,1,4,6,9,11, A large fruited, smooth pumpkin, variable Connecticut 12,14,15, shape. Ideal for jack-o-lanterns. 95-100 days. Field or 16,22,23, (C,P,M) Wizard 25 Ghost-Rider 11,14,22 Medium size (7-10 lbs) consistent size and uniform shape, good for jack-o-lanterns. Lighter orange color. 100 days. (C,P,M) Jack-Be-Little 1,5,6,10, Miniature pumpkin for decoration. 85 days. 11,12,14,25 (C,P,M) Jackpot 9,15 Hybrid. Compact vine growth. Round, intermediate to large fruit, good orange color. 100 days. (C,P,M) Mammoth Gold 6,10,12,18, A large fruited type, 20-24 lbs. Bright deep 23,25 orange. Bottom is often pointed, often flattened and discolored ground spot. Primarily decoration. 100 days. (C,P,M) Munchkin 9 Miniature pumpkin for decoration. 85 days. (C,P,M) Pro Gold 500 1 Hybrid, strong vine. Excellent productivity, large size with good handle. 95 days. (C) Pro Gold 510 1 Large fruit, smooth, high quality gybrid. Deep orange color. High yields. 95 days. (CPM) Small Sugar 1,4,5,6,10, Small fruited type, ranging from 5-8 inches 12,14,22,23 wide. Orange color. 100 days. (C,P,M) Spirit 16 Medium-large fruit, good jack-o-lantern type, tends to yield better than Howden. 95 days. Spookie 6,9,12,15, Small fruited types, ranging from 4-10 inches 22 wide. Medium orange color. 95-100 days. (C,P,M) RADISH (Oriental) H.N. Cross 1 Good quality, blunt thick roots. 75 days. (C,P,M) Mino Spring 11 Very long, thin roots, crack resistant, good Cross yield. 75 days. (C,P,M) SPINACH Bloomsdale 6,12,15,23 Large, erect, uniform plants with dark green Savory foliage. 42-46 days. (C,P,M) Long-Standing Hybrid #7 6,12,23 Good fall variety but bolts in the spring. Semi-pack with dark green slightly savoyed leaves. Resistant to downy mildew. 40-43 days. (C,P,M) Hybrid 6,8,12 Slightly longer standing than Old Dominion. Chesapeake Mostly upright plants with large medium green colored, semi-savoyed leaves. 42-45 days. (C,P,M) Melody 1,6,12 Semi-savoy, large fast growing plants for spring and fall. 43 days. (C,P,M) Tyee 1,6,9,12 Semi-savoy, large fast-growing. Very slow bolt. Heat and cold tolerant. 39 days. (C,P,M) SQUASH Summer: Dixie 4,6,12,14, Prolific, hybrid crookneck. Plants single 25 stemmed and medium in size. Dependable. 46-50 days. (C,P,M) Elite 9,18 An outstanding hybrid with medium green fruit. (Zucchini) A very dependable producer. 47-50 days. (C,P,M) Goldbar 1,6,12,16, Hybrid variety with straight, rich cream color, 25 very uniform fruit. Medium to large size plants. 47-50 days.(C,P,M) Lemondrop L 4,6,12 Hybrid straightneck with a glossy, smooth light lemon-yellow skin. 41 days. (C,P,M) Medallion 1 Hybrid semi-crookneck. Fruits with strong necks. Vigorous, productive plant. Consistent. 52 days. (C,P,M) Multipik 6,9,12 Hybrid glossy yellow straightneck with "precocious yellow gene" which retards greening caused by cucumber mosaic virus. This variety has a light stem versus green stem. 50 days. (C,P,M) Noblesse 6 Hybrid glossy. Very dark green fruit. Good (Zucchini) producer, more slender than Elite. 47-50 days. (C) Seneca Prolific 1,6,9,12 Hybrid, slightly tapered fruit with rich creamy color. Dependable. 47-50 days. (C,P,M) Sunbar 1,6,12,16 Hybrid, yellow straightneck with "precocious yellow gene," cylindrical fruit. 43 days. (C,P,M) Superpik 9 Straight neck, "precocious yellow gene." 50 days. (C) Supersett 9 Yellow crookneck with "precocious yellow gene" which retards greening caused by cucumber mosaic virus. 50 days. (C) Tigris 6 Like Elite, except that has Zucchini yellow (Zucchini) mosaic and watermelon II mosaic virus (HMX3711) resistance. 45-50 days. Winter: Buttercup 1,5,6,9,10, A grayish-green colored, cylindrical shaped 11,12,14, fruit with flattened ends. A high quality 15,22,23 variety. 88-92 days. (C,P,M) Butternut 1,4,5,6,8, Tan colored bulbous seed cavity, 1-3 lbs. Flesh (Waltham) 9,10,11,12, texture firm with sweet taste. 85-90 days. 14,15,18, (C,P,M) 22,23,25 Gold Nugget 4,11,15,22, Small, round to flattened, red orange fruit, 23,25 1/2 to 1 1/2 lbs. Compact vines, good yield, and excellent flavored dry flesh. 85 days. (C,P,M) Puritan 4 Butternut type with smaller fruit than Waltham. Fruit blocky, smooth and free of crookneck types. 80 days. (C,P,M) Table Queen 1,4,5,8,9, An acorn type with fruits medium to small 10,14,15, weighing from 1-2 lbs each with a light yellow 22,23,25 flesh color, sweet taste. 84-88 days. (C,P,M) Tay Belle 4,14 An acorn type with fruits medium to small weighing from 1-2 lbs, medium color, sweet taste, classy look, early and short vine. 70 days. (C,P,M) Vegetable 1,4,5,9,10, Long shape, yellowish skin, 3-5 lbs. 110 days. Spaghetti 11,14,15, (C,P,M) 22,23,25 SWEETPOTATOES (For more specific information consult HIL 23-D) Beauregard Heart-shaped leaves, with distinctive red wine colored ban across base of leaf; roots with rose colored skin and orange flesh. High yields and good storage life. Resistant to white grubs and soil pox, but susceptible to root knot and bacterial soft rot. Roots can vary in color and shape depending on soil in environment. Usually, good-pack out.(C,P) Cordner Green, shouldered leaves, green stems. High yields of uniform roots with light copper colored skin and medium orange flesh with excellent storage life. Good transplant production. Resistant to root knot and Fusarium wilt, but susceptible to soil pox and flooding damage. Similar to Jewel type. (C,P) Goldstar Light green leaves. Lighter copper skin than Jewel, good orange flesh. Roots are longer than Jewel, shorter than Beauregard. Yields better than Jewel. Should be planted early to permit sizing (120-130 days). Excellent sprouter. Hernandez Arrow-shaped leaves, red stems. Burnt orange skin and deep orange flesh. Moderate yield with very uniform root shape, 80-90% pack-out is common. Moderately resistant to soil rot. Resistant to soil rot, root-knot nematode and Fusarium wilt. Sporadic sprout producer. 120 days. Jewel Green, shouldered leaves. Roots with light copper colored skin and deep orange flesh. High yields of uniform roots with excellent storage life. Good transplant production. Resistant to Fusarium wilt, root knot and chilling but susceptible to flooding damage and soil pox. (C,P) TOMATOES Disease resistance symbols: V = Verticillium wilt, F = Fusarium wilt, N = Nematodes, A = Alternaria Stem Canker, S = Gray Leaf Spot Fresh Market Colonial 6,12,16 ASVF 1 & 2. Early, firm, excellent size, smooth finish, jointless, crack resistant, determinate. Mature green (MG) or vine ripe (VR) harvest. (C,P,M) Duke 1,6,12,16 ASVF 1 & 2. Very early, firm good size, smooth finish, jointless, crack resistant; determinate. MG or VR. (C,P) Heat Wave 6,12,16 Medium early, medium or large fruit, smooth (Fall only) flattened globe, compact vine. Heat tolerant. Good for fall planting only. MG. (C,P) Mountain 6,12,16 VF 1 & 2. Early midseason. Medium plant size Delight with good cover. Mountain Pride type with larger fruit and more concentrated yield. MG or VR. (C,P,M) Mountain Fresh 4 VF 1 & 2. Very large fruit, good finish, (trial) good cover, determinate, less bush than Mountain Pride. VR. (P,M) Mountain Gold 6,12,15 Golden when mature, smooth, Crack resistant, determinate, good cover. V 1, F 1 & 2. Midseason. (C,P,M) Mountain Pride 1,4,6,9,12, VF 1 & 2. Medium to late, very firm, 14,16,18,23 exceptional size, good pack out percentage, very crack resistant (reduce N rate); vigorous determinate. Midseason. VR. (C,P,M) Mountain Spring 6,12,14,15 VF 1 & 2. Very early, large smooth, crack resistant, determinate, good cover. (C,P,M) Mountain 4 VF 1 & 2. Late midseason, medium size, good Supreme (trial) cover. Early blight resistant. (C,P,M) Monte Verde 4,6,12 VF 1 & 2. Non hybrid, excellent firmness yield and finish, smooth blossom end. Midseason. MG or VR. (C,P,M) Piedmont 1,23 VF 1 & 2. Non hybrid, good firmness, yield finish pack out. Good foliage. Midseason. Especially good for fall plantings. VR or MG. (C,P,M) Pik-Red 6,9,12 VF 1 & 2 N. Very early, very large fruit, extremely firm, large size, crack resistant; very determinate. Very early. VR. (C,P) Solar Set 4,6,12 ASVF 1 & 2. Medium early, medium large fruit, smooth, flattened globe, (Fall only) compact vine. Heat tolerant, good for fall planting only. MG. (C,P) Summit 1,16,23 VF 1 & 2. Large fruited, jointless. Good firmness and pack out. Late. VR. (M) Sunbeam 4,6,12 ASVF 1 & 2. Large fruit with high pack out. Midseason. VR. (C,P) Sunny 4,6,12 ASVF 1 & 2. Early, medium fruit, smooth fruit, good foliage, good yield; determinate. Very early. MG. (C,P) Sunrise 4,14 Very early, good cover flat glove with good crack resistance. Very early. (C,P) Cherry Types Cherry Grande 1,6,12,16 Early, large cherry type (1 1/4" diam.), F1 Hybrid, exceptional yield, vigorous plant; determinate. Midseason. (C,P,M) Mountain Belle 6,12,14,15 Medium cherry, uniform size, jointless determinate. V 1, F 1. Midseason. (C,P,M) Red Cherry 4,5,6,12,16 Small fruited salad type with heavy and (Large) continuous production; good bright color; strongly indeterminate. Fruit up to 1 inch in diameter. Midseason. (C,P,M) Processing: Heinz 722 6,12 VF. Early mid season, very firm, good yield, good whole pack quality, determinate. Early. (C) Peto 882 6,12,16 Very firm pear for staked fresh market. Midseason. (C,P,M) Wolfpack 1 6,12,16 VF. Medium size firm, blocky fruit with good color and yield. Midseason. (C) Wolfpack 2 6,12,16 VF. A medium size firm, blocky, good size, color and yield. Excellent canned quality. Midseason. (C) TURNIPS All Top 1,6,12,14 Very broadleaf, hybrid with dark green leaves. Exceptional yields. 50 days. (C,P,M) Just Right 1,4,6,9, A very attractive, flattened large solid white (Hybrid) 12,15,23 root with a compact top. Use as a fall crop only. 42-44 days. (C,P,M) Purple Top 1,4,5,6,8, The most outstanding commercial turnip. Roots White Globe 9,12,14,15, are large, light purple shoulder. Good for 22,23,25 bunching or trimming. 45-50 days. (C,P,M) Seven Top 4,9,14,23, Longtime dependability for greens only. A heavy 25 yielder. 40-45 days. (C,P,M) WATERMELONS (open pollinated) Charleston 1,4,5,6,8, Dependable long gray type with fruits in the Gray 9,10,12,15, 20-27 lb class. A good shipper with resistance 18,22,23,25 to Fusarium and anthracnose. 84-88 days. (C,P,M) Jubilee 1,6,12 Elongated fruit, rind light green with dark stripes. A large melon, 25-30 lbs, with pink-red flesh. Less Fusarium wilt resistance than Crimson Sweet. 90 days. (C,P,M) Crimson Sweet 1,4,5,6,8, A small seeded, round fruit with alternating 9,10,12,14, dark and light green stripes. Very sweet deep 15,16,19, red flesh. Will not hold very long once ripe. 22,23,25 Resistant to Fusarium wilt and anthracnose, race 1. 85 days. (C,P,M) (Hybrid) Early Jubilee 1,6,12 Elongated fruit, Jubilee rind pattern, but earlier than Jubilee. Large size melon, 24-28 lbs. Fusarium wilt resistance. 80-85 days. (C) Fiesta 1,6,12,14, Elongated fruit, Allsweet type, ships well. 15 85-90 days. (C) Jubilation 1,6,12,14, Large blocky Jubilee type melon. Light green 15 with dark stripes. Ships well, high yield. Resistant to fusarium and anthracnose. 85-90 days. (C,P,M) Mirage 4,6,12,25 Large oblong melon, light green with dark stripes, tough rind; deep red flesh. Fusarium resistance. 85 days. (C,P,M) Regency 1,6,12,16 Improved Royal Sweet type with improved flesh color and texture. Slightly smaller fruits than Royal Sweet. 85 days (C) Royal Jubilee 1,6,12,16 Elongated fruit. Jubilee type. Large size melon, 24-28 lbs. Fusarium wilt and anthracnose resistance. 95 days. (C) Royal Majesty 16 Elongated melon. Allsweet type. Ships well, excellent quality with deep red flesh, small seed, 20-24 lb. Rind is lighter color than 'Sangria'. 85 days. Royal Star 16 Oval to oblong fruit. 'Crimson Sweet' rind pattern. Has yielded well under water stress. Uniform fruit size. 85 days. Royal Sweet 1,5,6,12,16 Oblong, good shipper, 20-25 lbs. Resistance to Fusarium wilt. 85 days. (C,P) Sangria 1,6,12,14, Large, elongated melon. Distinct rind pattern; 15 Allsweet type. Ships well, fair yield; deep red flesh, small seeded. 85-90 days. NOTE: Vine cover essential to avoid sun scald. Where sizing is a problem, small fruit may be small in circumference (skinny). (C,P,M) Starbrite 4 Oblong fruit. Heavy yielder. Similar rind pattern as 'Mirage'. Large fruit size (24-28 lb.). Better shipper than 'Mirage'. 85 days. (Ice Box) Mickylee 1,6,12,22, Open pollinated, light green, disease 25 resistance. 8-10 lb fruit. 85 days. (C,P,M) Minilee 1,6,12,25 Open pollinated, light green, excellent disease resistance. 5-8 lb fruit. 85 days. (C,P,M) Sugar Baby 1,4,5,6,10, Open pollinated, early, round, dark green. For 11,12,14, local market only. 5-8 lb. fruit. 75 days. 15,18,22, (C,P,M) 23,25 Tiger Baby 1,6,12,16 Hybrid, oval, striped rind pattern. Good shipper. 6-10 lb. fruit. 85 days. (C,P,M) (Seedless)* Crimson Trio 6,12,14,15 Oblong, globe shape, 14-18 lb fruit. Rind is medium green with dark green stripes. Good yield and size. Millionaire 6,9,12 Oval, 15-20 lb fruit. Very prolific yielder. 85 days. (C) Honeyheart 1,6,12,16 Round, 8-10 lb fruit. Rind is gray-green with dark stripes. Only yellow flesh available. Susceptible to hollow heart. Must be handled carefully. 80-85 days. (C) Queen of Hearts 1,6,12,16 Oval, 10-16 lb fruit. Light green, dark stripes. 80-85 days. (C) Ssupersweet 1,6,12 Oval, 12-15 lb fruit. Rind is light green 2532 with thick dark green stripes. Firm crisp flesh. 85 days. Supersweet 1,6,12 Oblong, 14-18 lb fruit. Rind is light green 5244 with thick dark green stripes. 85 days. (C) Sweet Heart Park Seed Ice box type, round, uniform fruit, 10-12 lb. Solid green rind (C) Tiffany 4,6,12 Round, 18-22 lb fruit. 'Crimson Sweet' rind pattern. Vigorous vine growth, produces larger fruit than most seedless varieties. 80 days. (C) * Triploid (seedless) watermelon should be established only from transplants. Triploid watermelons have specific soil moisture and temperature requirements for germination. They also require very specific cultural practices.


We have tried to compile as complete a list as possible of major vegetable 
seed companies, but may have inadvertently overlooked one, for which we 
apologize.  Also, we have not included local companies.

1.     Abbott & Cobb Seed Co.   (800/345-7333)
       Feasterville, PA 19047
       * Salesman - Pete Suddarth (919/249-8135)

2.     Alf Christianson (206/336-9727)
       P.O. Box 98
       Mount Vernon, WA 98273

3.     American Takii Inc.
       301 Natividad Road
       Salinas, CA 93906

4.     Asgrow Seed Co. (800/334-6571)
       P.O. Box 48503
       Doraville, GA 30362
       * Salesman - Pieter Westerbeek, Jr. (919/592-7825)

5.     Ball Seed Co.
       P.O. Box 335
       West Chicago, IL 60185
       * Salesman - Randy Puresse (919/481-1175)

6.     Clifton Seed  (919/267-2690)
       Route 2, Hwy 403S
       Faison, NC 28341

7.     Crookham Co. (208/459-7451)
       P.O. Box 520
       Caldwell, ID  83606-0520

8.     Ferry Morse Seed Co. (813/626-3197)
       5904 Adamo Drive
       Tampa, FL 33605

9.     Harris/Moran Seed Co. (716/442-0424)
       3670 Buffalo Road
       Rochester, NY 14624
       * Salesman - Sonny Simerly (407/324-9531)
                                  (FAX: 407/324-9612)

10.    Hollar and Co.  (303/254-7411)
       P.O. Box 106
       Rocky Ford, CO 81067  

11.    Johnny's Selected Seeds (207/437-9294)
       Foss Hill Road
       Albion, Maine 04910

12.    Jefferys Seed  (919/734-2985)
       P.O. Box 887
       Goldsboro, NC 27533

13.    Pioneer Vegetable Genetics, Inc.
       6800 Pioneer ParkwayŚ       P.O. Box 316
       Johnston, IA  50131

14.    Marketmore Inc.  (800/428-9733)
       4305 32nd Street West
       Bradenton, FL  34205
       * Salesman - Mike Muller

15.    Rogers NK  (800/462-0608)
       Vegetable Div. Headquarters
       P.O. Box 1827
       Gilroy, CA 95020
       * Salesman - Craig Mathis (404/556-8677)

 16.   Petoseed Company  (805/647-1188)
       Box 4206,
       Saticoy, CA 93004
       * Salesman - Steve Coffey (803/543-4311)
                                 (FAX: 803/543-4113)

17.    Robson Seed Corp. (716/526-6397)
       1 Seneca Circle
       Hall, NY  14463-0270

18.    Royal Sluis  (408/757-4191)
       1293 Harkins Rd.
       Salinas, CA 93901
       * Salesman - Zeb James

19.    Sakata Seed Co.
       P.O. Box 880
       Morgan Hill, CA 95308
       * Salesman - Howard Adams (813/939-0093)

19a.   Seedway   (800/952-7333)
       1225 Zeager Rd.
       Elizabethtown, PA 17022
       * Salesman - Joe Jones (910/628-8779)

20.    Sluis & Groot Veg. Seeds (408/758-4644)
       124 Griffin St.
       Salinas, CA 93901

21.    C. T. Smith  (512/569-2140)
       409 Houston St.
       P.O. Box 130Ś       Pleasanton, TX 78064

22.    Stokes Seed Co.  (716/685-6980)
       Box 548 
       Buffalo, NY 14240

23.    Sun Seeds  (408/776-1111)
       18640 Sutter Blvd.
       Morgan Mill, CA 95039-2825

24.    The Wax Company, Inc. (601/256-3511)
       P.O. Box 60
       Amory, MS 38821

25.    Willhite Seed Co. (817/599-8656)
       P.O. Box 23
       Poolville, TX 76487
Horticultural Information Leaflets (HIL's) on vegetable crops are updated periodically. Please contact your County Extension Center for a copy of any of the leaflets listed below:

00 Suggested Commercial Vegetable Varieties 12/94 2-A Commercial Asparagus Production 9/94 3-A Pole Bean Production 4/93 3-B Lima Bean Production 11/91 3-C Commercial Snap Bean Production 9/91 4 Beet Production 9/94 5 Broccoli Production 4/93 5-A Broccoli Raab 9/94 5-B Broccoli Production Guide for Western North Carolina 2/94 6 Brussel Sprouts 4/93 7 Cabbage Production 4/93 9 Commercial Carrot Production 4/93 10 Cauliflower 4/93 11 Lettuce 6/94 12 Collards 6/94 13 Commercial Sweet Corn Production 12/94 14 Cucumbers for Fresh Market 12/90 14-A Pickling Cucumbers 12/90 14-B Trellised Cucumbers 7/94 15 Eggplant 7/94 16 Greens for Market 7/94 16-A Upland Cress 7/94 17 Spinach Production 7/94 18 Green Bunch Onion Production 7/94 18-A Bulb Onion Production in Eastern North Carolina 9/94 19 Okra Production 7/94 20 Southern Peas 7/94 21 Pepper Production (Bell, Small and Pimento) 10/94 22 Commercial Potato Production in Eastern North Carolina 5/93 22-B Potato Varieties 11/90 22-C Irish Potato Production in Western North Carolina 4/91 23 Pre-sprouting Sweet Potatoes 10/90 23-A Difference Between Sweet Potato and Yam 6/90 23-C Guidelines for Sweet Potato Seed Stock and Transplant 9/90 Production 23-D Sweetpotato Varieties 1/94 24 Growing Pumpkins and Winter Squash 11/91 24-A Summer Squash Production 9/93 25 Radish 4/91 26 Turnips and Rutabagas 7/94 27 Commercial Celery Production in Eastern North Carolina 7/94 28-A Fresh Market Tomato Production for Piedmont and Coastal 9/94 Plain of North Carolina 28-D Blossom-end Rot of Tomatoes 7/94 28-F Tomatoes for Processing in Eastern North Carolina 7/94 28-G Pruning and Supporting Tomatoes 7/94 29 Growing Gourds 11/91 32 Greenhouse Tomato Production - The Soil System 3/92 32-A Greenhouse Vegetable Production Reference List I 1/95 32-B Greenhouse Vegetable Production Reference List II 8/93 33-A Drip or Trickle Irrigation - A Component Checklist 4/93 33-B Drip or Trickle Irrigation System - An Operation and 4/93 Troubleshooting Checklist 36 Precision Seeding for Vegetable Crops 7/94 120 Commercial Luffa Sponge Gourd Production 5/93 125 Basil 5/91 126 Lemon Balm 5/91 127 Care and Planting of Ginseng Seed and Roots 5/93 128 Caraway 5/92

                               Published by
               North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

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