NC Snake Pictures / Timber (Canebrake) Rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus

Venomous; adult size 36-72 inches (914 to 1,829 mm)
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The Timber Rattle snake most often found in North Carolina is frequently called the Canebrake snake and was until recently considered to be a separate subspecies of Timber rattler. This venomous snake lives throughout North Carolina in unpopulated areas, especially rocky hillsides, fields, woodland edges and swamps. It is frequently found hiding in and under stumps and other woody surface cover. They are active both day and night in cool but not cold weather. During hot summer months, they are most active at night. The timber rattle snake, also known as the canebrake rattler, feeds on rodents and other small mammals and gives birth to between 5 and 19 young in August or September.

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canebrake rattler

Picture provided by York Morgan.

canebrake rattlesnake canebrake rattlesnake
Pictures taken by Joerg Pirl, Lakeland, Georgia.