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Community Forestry


Our Community Forestry program provides educational opportunities and professional services that reach people in a variety of different ways. We work hard to make sure that community leaders and others all have an opportunity to learn new knowledge as they address urban and community forestry issues that impact their communities. The Community Forestry program covers the spectrum of urban and comnmunity forestry topics, from management to policy, aimed at improving the health of community forests throughout North Carolina. The program has severasl publication and other resources available for your use. These materials provide information for anyone interested in learning more about urban and community forestry. Select the resource below.




Key Contacts

Need to know more information about our Community Forestry program? Here are some key contacts if you need to get in touch with us.

Dr. Robert Bardon
Department Extension Leader
Associate Dean for Extension and Engagement
4233 Jordan Hall II, NCSU Campus
Phone: 919-515-5575
Fax: 919-515-6883