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Mountain Horticultural Crops
Research and Extension Center

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Email
Richard E. Bir Extension Specialist Emeritus, Horticulture
Margaret G. Bloomquist Research Assistant, Horticulture
Sheila C. Brown Building Environmental Tech, MHCR&EC
Eric N. Caldwell West District Director, Cooperative Extension
Jeff H. Chandler Director, MHCR&EC
Jim C. Cowden North-Central District Director, Cooperative Extension
Dr. Jeanine M. Davis Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Horticulture
Janice L. Dotson West District Administrative Associate, Cooperative Extension
Diane T. Ducharme Extension Associate, Horticulture & Food Safety & GAPs Program Coordinator
Thomas A. Eaker Agricultural Research Specialist, Horticulture
Jessica S. Edney Administrative Office Manager, MHCR&EC
Dr. Randolph G. Gardner Professor Emeritus and Tomato Breeder,
Kelly D. Gaskill Research Assistant, Horticulture
Dr. Jeffrey M. Hinshaw Professor and Extension Specialist, Applied
Chris D. Holmberg Agricultural Research Assistant, Horticulture
Dr. Greg D. Hoyt Professor Emeritus, Soil Science
R. Tom Hoyt Facility Maintenance Mechanic, MHCR&EC
Sandra J. Kanupp North-Central District Administrative Associate, Cooperative Extension
Bryan A. Konsler Technology Support Specialist, MHCR&
Dr. Anthony V. LeBude Associate Professor , Horticulture
Nathan P. Lynch Agricultural Research Specialist, Horticulture
Craig Mauney Vegetable and Fruits Area Specialized Agent,
Inga M. Meadows Vegetable Extension Associate, Plant Pathology
Wayne E. Mitchem Extension Associate, Horticulture
Joel A. Mowrey Agricultural Research Specialist, Horticulture
Virginia L. New EFNEP Associate, Cooperative
Andra W. Nus Research Assistant, Horticulture
J.D. Obermiller Agricultural Research Analyst, Horticulture
Emily C. Ogburn Research Associate, Entomology
Jeffrey H. Owen Area Extension Specialist, Christmas Tree Production, Forest
Dr. Dilip R. Panthee Associate Professor, Horticulture
Dr. Luping Qu Research Associate, Horticulture
Ann E. Piotrowski Research Specialist, Horticulture
Dr. Thomas G. Ranney Professor, Horticulture
Adrienne K. Ratti Research Assistant, Applied Ecology
Stephen C. Schoof Agricultural Research Specialist, Entomology
Dr. Rui Shi Research Associate, Tomato Breeding, Horticulture
Dr. Jill R. Sidebottom Area Extension Specialist, IPM & Mountain Conifers, Forestry Resources
Jeremy C. Smith Greenhouse Support Specialist, MHCR&EC
Dr. Darren H. Touchell Research Associate, Horticulture
Dr. Sara M. Villani Assistant Professor, Extension Plant Pathology
Richard J. Vogt Agricultural Research Specialist, Applied
Andrew S. VonCanon FFA Program Coordinator, Ag And Extension Education
Dr. James F. WalgenbachProfessor and Extension

What appears to be a space in the email addresses above is actually an underscore.

Mountain Horticultural Crops Research & Extension Center
455 Research Drive
Mills River, NC 28759

Phone: 828-684-3562 ~ Fax: 828-684-8715

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Updated May 20, 2016