NC Cooperative Extension

Easter Freeze Information

The following information is designed to help Cooperative Extension
professionals and producers deal with the 2007 Easter weekend freeze. The site will be updated as new information is available.


Apple Orchard Management Information (PDF)


Blackberry and Raspberry Flower Bud Damage Assessment (PDF)


Assessing Freeze Damage to Corn (PDF)


Update of Muscadine Freeze Damage in NC (PDF)
Muscadine Freeze Damage Report - May 2007 (PDF)
Impact of Easter Freeze on 1-, 2- and 3-Year Old Muscadines and Recommended Actions (PDF)
Allowing Multiple Shoots to Develop From Freeze Injured Trunks on 2- and 3-Year Vines (PDF)
Allowing Multiple Suckers to Develop for Trunk Replacement Next Season (PDF)


Update of Nursery Crop Freeze Damage in NC (PDF)

Small Grains

Guide to small grain field damage (PDF)
April 12 freeze damage update (PDF)
Onslow Co Wheat Damage Images (PDF)
April 26 freeze damage update (PDF)


Easter Freeze Report: Impact on 2007 Strawberry Crop in North Carolina (PDF)

Wine Grapes

April Wine Grape Injury Assessment (PDF)
Disease Management Options for Vineyards (PDF)
Botrytis (PDF)
Photos from April Vineyard Tours (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions about Wine Grape Management After the Big Freeze (PDF)


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