Weather-Based Peanut Forecast Advisories

Welcome to the 2000 peanut advisory page. This page contains forecast advisories for outbreaks of early leafspot, late leafspot, web blotch, Rhizoctonia limb and pod rot, and Sclerotinia blight in peanuts. To enhance understanding, advisory conditions are also given for counties near the peanut-growing counties. Forecast advisories for the following day will be posted by noon each day. Please consult your county office for current advisories and other detailed information. For more information on peanuts please check out our Information Notes.

Foliar, Stem Rot, & Rhizoctonia Diseases
Current Forecast Map

Sclerotinia Blight
Current Forecast Map

For more information on Weather-Based Peanut Advisories, contact:

Dr. Jack Bailey
Department of Plant Pathology
N. C. State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

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