Bean. Bush 'HMX 5991'
This gourmet quality green bean has 5 5.5-inch long, slender, dark green pods and its eating quality rivals all. Excellent yields in 60 days from erect compact bush plants that have excellent disease tolerance. (P.V.P. Applied for) Seeds are very slow to develop. (Harris Seeds) R

Cabbage F1 'Gonzales'
66 days. Early mini-cabbage. Compact, "single-serving" size heads mature early and hold well in the garden without splitting. Round, blue-green heads are firm and dense, with good flavor. Plant at 8-12 inch spacing for uniform, small heads. (Johnny's Selected Seeds) R

Cantaloupe 'Park's Whopper Hybrid'
A quick-finishing, delicious melon suitable for growing almost anywhere in the contiguous U.S. - even short-season regions! Ready in just 77 days, this enormous 6-8 pound melon boasts firm flesh and succulent, juicy-sweet flavor. Resistant to Fusarium races 0-1, & 2, and Powdery Mildew races 1 & 2. (Park Seed) r

Carrot F1 'Candy Stick'
As sweet as its name, Candy Stick Hybrid carrot is special. Long, slender, bright orange roots have a high sugar content and pleasing texture. Strongly attached tops make it easy to harvest the delicious, 10-inch roots. Harvest in 72 days. NK exclusive. (NK Lawn & Garden) R

Carrot 'Nutri-Red'
This healthful new cooking carrot, 'Nutri-Red', contains about the same amount of the cancer fighting antioxidant, lycopene, as tomatoes by weight. 'Nutri-Red' is a novel home garden carrot because it turns a deeper red when cooked. It is tapered, grows to about 9-inches, and matures in 76 days. (Seminis) W

Lettuce 'Blush Batavian' Crunchy Blend Weather-tolerant, heavy rosettes with big crunchy and tender leaves in reds and greens. Bolting resistance, tip burn and lettuce osaic virus tolerance. (Renee's Garden)

Onion F1 'Super Star' AAS Vegetable Award Winner is an improved white sweet onion that is day length neutral. Mild, sweet 'Super Star' onions. 'Super Star' onions can weigh one pound or more, when mature in about 100 days. Resistant to pink root. (Seminis)

Pepper F1 'Fooled You' A hybrid pepper, non-pungent while retaining great taste. Fruit looks like normal jalapenos except that it is larger, measuring about 3.25 inches long. Plants grow about 27 inches tall (Seminis)

Pepper F1 'Giant Marconi' AAS Vegetable Award Winner is an improved Italian grilling pepper. About 6 to 8 inches long, the tapered green pepper will mature to red on the 30-inch plant. 'Giant Marconi' tastes excellent raw but is best when grilled. It has a memorable sweet, smoky flavor. Plants are resistant to potato virus Y and tobacco mosaic virus. Harvest about 72 days from transplanting. (Seminis)

Squash F1 'Tigress' is an early maturing hybrid with smooth, medium green fruit that closely resembles Zucchini 'Elite'. Tolerance to zucchini yellows mosaic and watermelon mosaic II Virus the plant will yield late into the season. (Harris Seeds)

Sweet Corn F1 'Honey Select' AAS Vegetable Award Winner delicious sweet honey flavor and tender eating quality. A TripleSweet variety, 'Honey Select' ears are 75% sugary enhanced (se) and 25% supersweet (sh2) kernels. Unlike over supersweet types, 'Honey Select' does not require isolation from other corn pollen. Maturing in about 79 days, ears about 8 inches long. (Novartis)

Sweet Corn F1 'Sweet Satin' Improved sweetness and eating quality. The 8-inch well-filled ears have a refined kernel and the sturdy plants have excellent disease tolerance. (Harris Seeds)

Tomato F1 'Jolly" AAS Vegetable Award Winner is a delicious, new pink tomato. The vigorous indeterminate vines produce abundant clusters of 1.5-ounce peach shaped fruit. About 9 to 14 tomatoes per cluster. Yield ripe fruit in about 70-75 days from transplanting. (Known-You Seed)

Tomato F1 'Granny Smith' fruits ripen with plenty of flavor without ever turning red. Instead, they develop good sugars and acids, and taste better than other "green" tomato. Matures in 72 days and disease resistance includes V1, F1, St. and SCS. (Seminis)

Tomato F1 'Porterhouse' Giant beefsteak tomato with outstanding flavor. Smoother fruits than other beefsteaks are larger fruit than 'Big Beef'. Color is an attractive deep red and shape is a hefty deep oblate. Disease resistance is being tested. Indeterminate habit. (Burpee)


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