Flower Color
Flowers period (days)
Height (Feet)
Growth habit
Fall color
Acoma White 90 5 to 10 Low spreading; semi-pendulous Purplish red Begins flowering in late June; light gray bark; mildew resistant; recurrent flowering
Apalachee Soft, light lavender 90 10 to 20 Upright vase Russett Mildew resistance; begins to flower in June; good winter hardiness; exfoliating cinnamon to chestnut-brown bark; dried seed pods are golden
Balsam's Party Pink Soft lavender pink 80 20 to 50 Upright; broad spreading crown Orange-red to yellow Large flower clusters; begins flowering in late June; good mildew resistance; modest cold hardiness
Biloxi Pale pink 80 30 Upright; vase Orange Rapid grower; starts flowering in mid-July; exfoliating mottled dark brown bark; excellent mildew resistance and winter hardiness; prone to have aphids; recurrent flowering
Byers Hardy Lavender Soft medium lavender 75 20 plus Upright with a spreading crown Red Winter hardy; late flowering but continues to frost
Byers Standard Red Soft red 75 20 Upright; vase Orange Good mildew and winter hardiness; begins flowering in mid-July; smooth bark
Byers Wonderful White Clear white 90 20 plus Very upright Bright yellow Large flower clusters; winter hardy; begins flowering in late June; smooth bark
Caddo Bright pink 80 5 to 10 Low, spreading Orange-red Begins to flower in mid-July; difficult to propagate
Carolina Beauty Dark red 65 20 plus Tall, upright Orange Aphid and mildew prone; smooth bark; begins flowering in mid-July
Catawba Violet purple 70 10 to 20 Globose Red-orange Mildew resistant; smooth bark; begins flowering in mid-July
Centennial Spirit Dark red that does not fade 110 10 to 20 Upright Red-orange Reduced tendency to sucker; not susceptible to aphids; some mildew resistance; begins flowering in late June; smooth bark
Cherokee Brilliant red 90 5 to 10 Compact - Flowers July to September; mildew resistant; often mislabelled in the trade
Chotaw Bight pink 90 20 plus Tall, upright; globose Bronze to maroon Flowers from early July to September; exfoliating mottled cinnamon-brown bark; mildew resistance
Comanche Pink with orange tones 100 10 to 20 Upright; spreading crown Deep red purple Light sandlewood bark; mildew resistance; begins flowering in early July
Conestoga Light to medium lavender 70 10 to 20 Arching branches Yellow Slightly susceptible to mildew; smooth bark; a L. indica cultivar; begins flowering in mid-July
Fantasy White 20 40 to 60 Elm-like vase Yellow A L. fauriei cultivar; early, small, white flowers; exfoliating dark red bark; high resistance to mildew; vigorous growth; flowers in late June
Hardy Lavender Medium lavender 75 15 to 20 Upright Red Very hardy; flowers from late July to frost; smooth bark; mildew pone
Hopi Medium pink 100 5 to 10 Low, shrubby Orange-red Recurrent flowering; very cold hardy; high mildew resistance
Kiowa White 20 20 to 30 - Yellow A L. fauriei cultivar; excellent winter hardiness; flowers in late June; larger and longer lasting flowers than other L. fauriei; brilliant cinnamon brown bark
Lipan Medium purplish lavender 80 10 to 20 Upright; broad Orange White bark; cold hardy; high mildew resistance; begins flowering in mid-July
Miami Dark pink 100 20 plus Upright Orange to dark russet Mottled chestnut-brown bark; tolerant to mildew; recurrent flowering; slow growth after cold injury; begins flowering in early July
Muskogee Light lavender 120 20 plus Broad, tall tree Red and yellow Mildew resistant; begins flowering in mid-June; strong branches; grey-tan to medium brown bark; high mildew resistance
Natchez White 110 30 plus Broad, tall tree Red-orange Mildew resistant; cinnamon-brown bark is spectacular year round; begins flowering in mid June; good winter hardiness; mildew resistant
Near East Soft pink 90 10 to 20 Rounded; open to spreading Yellow orange Fair mildew resistance; fair cold hardiness; brittle limbs; begins flowering in mid-July
Osage Clear, light pink 100 10 to 20 Open; rounded; spreading Red Heavy flower production; graceful habit; mildew resistance; begins to flower in late June;
Pecos Pink 100 5 to 10 Leggy; semi dwarf Maroon Mildew resistant; dark brown bark; recurrent flowering
Potomac Clear bubble gum pink 90 20 plus Upright Orange Susceptible to spring frost damage and mildew; smooth bark
Powhatan Medium to dark purple 75 10 to 20 Compact; upright Yellow to orange Grows quickly; good mildew resistance; smooth bark
Prairie Lace Medium pink banded with white 100 5 to 10 Compact; upright Red Winter hardy; smooth bark; begins flowering in mid-June
Raspberry Sundae Pinkish red with a white edge 90 10 to 15 Columnar - High mildew resistance; cold hardy
Regal Red Vivid, dark red 70 10 to 20 Upright; rounded head Red-orange Recurrent flowering; early and heavy flower production; good mildew resistance; begins flowering in mid-July
Seminole Clear, medium pink 75 10 to 20 Dense, globose Yellow Flowers early (mid-June); recurrent flowering; mildew tolerant
Sioux Shocking, dark pink 90 10 to 20 Dense; upright Maroon Mildew resistant; recurrent flowering; begins to flower in mid-July; burgundy foliage; exfoliating medium grey-brown bark
Tonto Deep red 75 8 to 12 Mounding Bright maroon High mildew resistance
Townhouse White 20 20 plus Upright, compact Yellow A L. fauriei cultivar; early, small flowers; exfoliating deep wine-red bark
Tuscarora Dark coral pink 70 20 plus Vase; broad crown Orange to red Massive early flower display but lower levels afterwards; exfoliating mottled light brown bark; high mildew resistance; aphid prone; modest winter hardiness
Tuskegee Dark pink to red 100 10 to 20 Broad; spreading Red-orange Exceptional vigor; exfoliating mottled grey-tan bark; mildew resistant; best used as a isolated specimen; recurrent flowering
Wichita Lavender 110 20 plus Upright Reddish brown to copper Recurrent flowering; exfoliating mottle, russet brown to dark mahogany bark; mildew resistant
William Tooney Watermelon pink red 90 10 to 20 Broad; upright; vase Red-orange Good mildew resistance; first named crapemyrtle cultivar; smooth bark; begins flowering in mid July
Yuma Lavender 90 10 to 20 Densely branched when young Yellow orange Double flowers; mature plant has an open, spreading crown; good winter hardiness; begins flowering in July; exfoliating mottled and light grey bark
Zuni Medium to dark lavender 90 5 to 10 Globose; upright Orange-red Recurrent flowering; mildew resistance; begins flowering in early July

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