Scientific Name
Allium moly (A. luteum)
Common Name
Garlic Onion
moly (A. luteum) (Yellow flowers)
A. Flowering Characteristics
A. moly flowers in spring (May/June) and lasts 2-3 weeks. Plants are 10-12 inches tall with a loose umbel of yellow flowers. Flowers have a slight garlic fragrance.
B. General Characteristics
1. Origin of species: Southern Europe
2. Common names: Garlic Onion
3. Geophyte organ: Tunicated bulb
4. Hardiness type: Hardy II - Injured at temperatures below 14 degrees F (-10C) when planted.
5. Natural reproductive systems and growth and development requirements: It reproduces by annual daughter bulb replacement and requires a warm (68 to 73F) - cool (28 to 35F) -warm (55 to 65F) annual thermoperiodic cycle.
6. Primary uses: Borders, rock gardens, woodland gardens, and ground covers.
C. Cultural Information
1. Bulb sizes: 4/5 and 5/up cm, in circumference.
2. Planting density: 2-3 inches apart, 15-25 per sq. ft.
3. Planting depth: 5 inches to base of the bulb
4. Planting time: Fall
5. Perennialization habit: 1990 USDA Climatic Zone 3 with mulch, Zones 4 to 7 without mulch.
6. Light requirements: Full sunlight to PM only sunlight.
7. Moisture: Tolerates summer drought, but keep moist during growing season.
8. Animal susceptibility: Normally not susceptible.
D. Companion Plants:
Alyssum, Arabis, Aster alpinus, Centaurea dealbata, Coreopsis, Digitalis, Gypsophila paniculata, Hemerocallis (yellow cvs.), Iris (rhizomatous white and yellow cvs.), Kniphofia (yellow cvs.), Peonies (white and yellow cvs.), Verbascum (white cvs.), Rhododendron spp. (deciduous and evergreen), Cotoneaster, Berberis, Acer palmatum, Deutzia gracilis, Weigela.

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