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Poultry Processing
Food Entrepreneurs
Dairy Processing
Food Safety
Acidified Foods
Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Poultry Processing

  • CD-20 Liquid Assets for your Poultry Plant
  • CD-22 Poultry Processors: You Can Reduce Waste Load and Cut Sewer Charges
  • CD-23 Survey Shows that Poultry Processors Can Save Money by Conserving Water
  • CD-24 Poultry CEO's: You May Have a $168 Million Opportunity

  • Considerations for Developing a HACCP Plan for Acidified Foods (HTML) or 
  • HACCP Principles (HTML)or 
  • Dairy Processing
  • Preventing Antibiotic Residues In Milk (HTML)or 
  • BST and Milk (HTML)or 
  • Producing Safe, High Quality Dairy Products (HTML) or 
  • Protecting the Safety of Milk (HTML)or 
  • Using the Bulky Flavor Dilution

  • Fruit & Vegetable Processing

  • Home Canning Fruits and Vegetables In North Carolina
  • Herbal Foods (HTML) 
  • Manufacturing Jelly & Preserve Products (HTML) 
  • Making Pickles in North Carolina 
  • Pickle and Pickle Product Problems 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Click here to visit the "Manufacturing Foods in NC" Website
  • FDA Exemptions for Small Businesses (HTML) 
  • Choosing and Using a Copacker   (HTML) 
  • Scheduled Processes (HTML) 
  • Refrigerated Foods: Some Rules for Processing 
  • Who Will Regulate My Food Business? (HTML) 
  • Developing A Recall Plan (HTML)   
  • Understanding Food Labeling (HTML)
  • Acidified Foods
  • Acidified Foods:  Formulating Dressings, Sauces and Marinades (HTML)
  • Considerations for Developing a HACCP Plan for Acidified Foods (HTML) 
  • Developing A Recall Plan For Acidified Foods (HTML)   
  • Seafood
  • Seafood Safety - Questions and Answers
  • Mercury in Mackerel
  • Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology: Answers to Common Questions  
  •  Biotechnology and its Applications 
  • General Food Safety
  • Produce Food Safety - Fresh Produce Food Safety Southeastern Training Program Website with Powerpoint Slides and numerous Factsheets.
  • Holiday Food Safety
  • Irradiation
  • Basics of Microbiology (HTML) 
  • Listeria (HTML) 
  • Extended Shelf Life Refrigerated Foods (HTML) 
  • Food Safety Tips for Large Gatherings (HTML) 
  • The Questions on Salvaging Flooded Crops
  • Formulating Dressings, Sauces and Marinades (HTML) 
  • Cool Hot Foods pdf file
  • Keep Cold Foods COLD and Hot Foods HOT pdf file
  • Thawing Food Safely pdf file
  • Pickle and Pickle Product Problems
  • Making Pickles in NC
  • Measuring the Heat - Foodservice Thermometers & How to Use Them pdf file
  • Meeting the Press: An Agent's Guide to Media Relations pdf file
  • Feeding Babies Safely - A Guide for Child Care Providers pdf file
  • Feeding Babies Safely - A Guide for Parents of Children in Day Care pdf file
  • Keeping Children Healthy in Daycare
  • What You Can't See Can Hurt Your Kids and You!
  • Take Safety on Your Picnic

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