FS 354 - Food Sanitation Syllabus


Food Sanitation is a distance education course administered through the Food Science Department. The course is a three credit hour class that is designed for traditional college students as well as satisfies continuing education requirements for distance education learners in an industry setting. This course provides an introduction to hygienic practices, requirements for sanitation programs and modern sanitation practices in food processing facilities.

This course is self-directed. It will require students to take responsibility for course outcomes. Students must be committed to learn to use the technology required to participate in a world wide web course. This includes using e-mail as well as cutting & pasting between e-mail, the web, and word-processing software.

Each module (learning modules 4 & 5 as well as 15 &16 are the exceptions) is designed to be completed in one week with a time requirement of approximately 6 to 9 hours. This includes reading the module content from the web, reading any assigned text material, taking the lesson quiz and completing the required lesson assignment. Therefore, maintaining the proper pace is essential.

PREREQUISITES: FS/ANS/PO 350 or equivalent HACCP industry experience

At the conclusion of the course the student will be able to:

1. Identify sanitation practices in food processing facilities.

2. Explain sanitation principles and the requirements for a food sanitation program.

3. Apply modern sanitation practices, including sanitation equipment and methods.

The required text for the course is...

Principles of Food Sanitation, 5th ed. 2006, Norman G. Marriott and Robert B. Gravani

ISBN # for the textbook is 0387250255

The text for this course is the most recent and standard text for sanitation in the food industry. This book is required for the course, and most of the course material placed on the web will follow the text. The text will be quite helpful for some assignments as well as it will serve as a reference for future needs. The text book can be purchased at many bookstores or at outlets such as http://www.amazon.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.com.

Supplemental material will be included in the course from various other sanitation texts and various food and food processing trade magazines. These materials are not required, but may be used to help in assignments or increase subject matter content.


Dr. David P. Green
Food Science Professor &
Extension Specialist

129-F Schaub Hall
Campus Box 7624, NCSU
Raleigh, NC 27695-7624

But Most Often:
303 College Circle
Morehead City, NC 28557

Phone: 252-222-6304
Fax: 252-222-6335

Office Hours: Online Internet-Based Course



The third element of each learning module is an electronic assessment or quiz. The purpose is to assess the understanding of the material covered. Quizzes may include material from previous lessons. The quizzes are not timed and students may also need to search online for answers.

If electronic/computer problems cause submission problems of quizzes, they can be faxed to NCSU at (919) 515-7124 with a cover page stating the class, quiz, and Dr. Green as the instructor and Heather Hickman as the course assistant.


Each module has a written assignment to be completed. Assignment due dates are listed below in the course schedule as well as on the course calendar. The majority of these focus on collecting and synthesizing information needed in development of a sanitation program for a specific food processing operation (e.g., homogenization of milk, peeling of vegetables, chilling of raw poultry, etc.). It is required that each assignment be done in logical progression.

In addition, 1-2 class/course discussions will be assigned in which each student will be asked to participate via the discussion tool.


There are two exams for this course, the midterm and the final. Both exams will be emailed to the proctor indicated in part 1 of assignment 1 for distance students. Once the exam is completed and signed by the student and his or her proctor, it is to be faxed or mailed back. On-campus students will be proctored by Dr. Green, an assistant or the TA in Schaub Hall. The time and place of exams will be arranged and communicated to on-campus students near the beginning of the semester.


The instructor expects all work to be complete and submitted on the dates requested. If students encounter a problem, they must notify, in advance, the instructor and accommodations may be negotiated. Otherwise, late assignments will be reduced by one letter grade for each day it is late. Assignments over four days late will be given an automatic zero.

If a student has a valid reason (medical, family emergency, etc.) that prohibits them from completing the course within the semester of initial enrollment, and they inform the instructor on a timely basis, the instructor will assign an "incomplete". The student will be given the opportunity to complete all missed assignments during the following semester and a letter grade will be assigned, per university policies. The student and instructor will negotiate dates for submission of all missed assignments.


The end-of-semester class evaluations which are campus wide, will be available for you to complete approximately the last two weeks of classes. Visit http://classeval.ncsu.edu/ during that time to complete the evaluation.

Students will also be asked to complete one other evaluation after completing their final exam. This evaluation will be released to students the day of the final and accessed on the course's home page. This evaluation allows us to collect more specific information concerning the course and therefore use the results to improve it for future semesters. Students will be required to fill out and submit this evaluation before their grades will be released to them. The departmental undergraduate coordinator assistant will receive these evaluations. The professor nor any assistant will see these evaluations until after grades are due and submitted to registration and records. Also, anything that could identify any student is removed before the professor or any assistant views these evaluations.


Grades will be determined based on the following:



Plusses and minuses will be utilized to differentiate achievement as deemed necessary by the instructor. The grading scale is as follows:

A+ = 97-100%
C+ = 77-79%
A = 92-96%
C = 72-76%
A- = 90-91%
C- = 70-71%
B+ = 87-89%
D+ = 67-69%
B = 82-86%
D = 62-66%
B- = 80-81%
D- = 60-61%

Anything below 60% is an F.

Questions regarding grading or course requirements should be addressed to...

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. David Green
OFFICE: 129-F Schaub Hall
(When in Raleigh)
PHONE: 252-222-6304
E-MAIL: dpg@ncsu.edu

This course requires each student to maintain an appropriate pace in order to complete learning modules, quizzes and assignments by the scheduled exams.

Course Schedule - FS 354 Food Sanitation

Weeks & Dates
Important/Due Dates

Learning Module(s)

Week #1

First Day of Class

Learning Module (LM) 1: Introduction to WebCT Vista

Week #2 Assignment 1 Due 5pm EST

LM 2: Introduction to Sanitation in Food Processing Facilities.

Week #3  

LM 3: Laws and Regulations Governing Sanitation

Week #4  

LM 4: Establishment of GMP's and SSOP's.
LM 5: Establishment of Sanitation Programs and Sanitation Inspections.

Week #5 Assignments 2-5 Due 5pm EST
LM 6: Food Contamination Sources

Week #6  

LM 7: Microorganisms and Sanitation

Week #7

Midterm Study Guide posted

LM 8: Personal Hygiene

Week #8

Assignments 6-8 Due 5pm EST

Midterm exam will cover Learning Modules 2-8

Week #9

Spring Break

There is not a week break during the Fall Semester

There are no LM assigned or assignments due; however please continue to progress through the course if at all possible.

Week #10


LM 9: Pests: Insects, Rodents and Birds

Week #11


LM 10: Cleaning Food Processing Facilities

Week #12


LM 11: Sanitizing Food Processing Facilities

Week #13

Assignments 9-11 Due 5pm EST

LM 12: Sanitation Equipment

Week #14

LM 13: Waste from Food Plants

Week #15


LM 14: Sanitary Design and Construction

Week #16

Final Study Guide posted
Assignments 12-14 Due 5pm EST

Last Day of Class

LM 15: Sanitation Records
LM 16: Role of HACCP in Sanitation

Week #17

Assignments 15-16 Due 5pm EST
Final Exam will cover Learning Modules 9-16



Students should abide by NCSU Policies and Regulations - http://www.ncsu.edu/policies/sitemap.php#courses.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar concerning course drop dates.


This course follows the University Auditing Policy. Those auditing the course are not required to complete the learning module quizzes and assignments nor to take the midterm or final exam. Those taking the course as Pass/Fail are still required to complete the learning module quizzes and assignments as well as take the midterm and final exams. Please be aware that in order to pass, students must make at least a C- in the course.


Students are expected to adhere to the guidelines for academic integrity as found in the Code of Student Conduct at:


Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verified disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus Box 7509, 919-515-7653.

For more information on NC State's policy on working with students with disabilities, please see the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Regulation fond at:


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