Home Food Preservation

Consumer Resources

Food Safety Infosheets:

Three in Spokane sickened by botulism linked to home canned beans


Canning Overview
Boiling Water Canners (University of Georgia -- PDF file)
Pressure Canners (University of Georgia)
Dial Gauge Inspection and Accuracy

Specific foods:

Canning Fruit (University of Georgia -- PDF file)
Canning Vegetables (University of Georgia -- PDF file)
Celebrate with Safe Salsa
Drying Foods (University of Georgia)
Flavored Vinegars and Oils (Colorado State University)
Freezing Instructions for Individual Foods (University of Georgia)
Garlic (University of California, Davis -- PDF file)
Jams and Jellies, Uncooked Products (University of Georgia -- PDF file)
Jelly Recipes (University of Georgia)
Jerky (University of Georgia)
Making Pickles in North Carolina (PDF file)
Pickle Problems (PDF file)
Sauerkraut (Pennsylvania State University -- PDF file)
Smoking Fish Canning (Oregon State University -- PDF file)
Tomatoes (University of Georgia -- PDF file)
Preserving Green Beans (Kansas State University -- PDF file)
Apples (University of California, Davis -- PDF file)

Agent Resources

Food preservation 101 training videos (Mills River, April 6-8, 2009)
Home food preservation agent training - PowerPoint Slides
Program Planning Guide - Guidelines for setting up a program
Slide Set - Instructional Slide Set - PowerPoint Slides
Canning and Preserving Made Easy Evaluation - Word Doc
Hands-On Tomatoes Evaluation - Word Doc
Home Food Preservation Update May 15, 2010 - PowerPoint Slides
2009 USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning Changes (National Center for
Home Food Preservation)
- PDF File

To help North Carolinians learn about safe canning, a group of six Extension Agents from western North Carolina developed a Home Food Preservation curriculum. The agents were:

* Tracy Davis, Rutherford County
* Sue Estridge , Madison County
* Cathy Hohenstein , Buncombe County
* Renay Knapp, Henderson County
* Julie Padgett, formerly in McDowell County and
* Sandi Sox, Polk County

This team of agents has successfully delivered this curricum to hundreds of consumers in western North Carolina. The team would also like to acknowledge other Extension Agents who helped. These Agents are: Cheryl Beck, Jackson County; Pam Staton, Clay County; Jessica Robinson, Swain County; April Conley, formerly in Cherokee County; Latresa Philips, formerly in Graham County; Eloise Johnson, formerly in Polk.